Microsoft EA rumor (take with a HUGE grain of salt)

GameInformer did a small blurb about this Polygon article because it specifically mentions a rumor making the rounds that MS might be interested in acquiring EA.

Would you want to see that happen? The article also mentions PUBG Corp and Valve, though states the latter seems unlikely.

I’ve mentioned many times before why I believe Sega would be a great purchase for MS, but who would you like to see Microsoft buy with their billions in order to solve their first party issues?

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I know EA already has cooperated a lot with Microsoft in the past. They’ve always marketed themselves most toward the Xbox crowd, and they also have some exclusive games/services like EA access and Titanfall. I could be a good move financially to scoop up EA, and with Microsoft’s shift toward PC gaming and 4K console play having direct access to the Frostbite engine could be huge.

It could happen. I’m not going to say it WILL, but there’s a chance.

Oh great. First Microsoft buys Rare preventing Banjo from being in smash, and now they want to buy EA stealing Isaac Clarke from PSASBR.

MS did say they had no problem with allowing Banjo to be in Smash. It was Nintendo that chose not to include him.

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Indeed, MS has always been rather lenient with Rare’s past association with Nintendo provided it didn’t create a conflict of interest. A good example of this would be Rare’s Game boy Advance games that came out AFTER MS scooped up Rare. MS allowed it because they didn’t have any interest in the handheld market .

  1. Microsoft buys EA.

  2. Microsoft publishes development of Dead Space 4 as an Xbox One timed exclusive (later on Windows 10).

  3. Winning.

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