Metal revolution - new FG title


Came across this interesting looking fighting game. Metal Revolution is the name by nextstudios

Twitter handle:

An article about the devs and the game:


A couple of interesting games.

It’s tough to tell if Metal Fury will be any good or not. It’s an odd concept to have robots but with human character design. It’s not especially appealing to me, but if the game plays well then maybe it will be cool.

Not to be this guy, but having a robot boxer with a lot of gold chains around his neck named “Black City Boxer” is likely going to cause them some problems outside of China…


Yeah, not a fan of character designs but I was actually very plesantly surprised by the gameplay. Looks fun to play imo.

Had not even looked that closely but you’re right about the stereotypes. That’s not going to end well…


The gameplay looks kinda fun but man, those character names are without question, some of the worst I’ve ever seen in a fighting game. I’m not making fun of the devs and I’m not saying this while laughing or anything like that. Not in the slightest.

I legitimately feel bad for them, because the game does look like it’s fun to play, but having character names like Black City Boxer, Taekwondo and Swordsman? Yikes. I’ll be curious how any FGC attention this game gets chooses to react to that. Maybe no one will care, who knows.

I dunno, maybe those are just archetype names and the final names haven’t been decided upon? Oh well. Either way, I hope the game turns out well. More good fighters, the better, after all.


I want to play Taekwon Robot!


A robot fighting game you say? I’m interested :slightly_smiling_face:


new ranged / zoner character gif here:

Looks nice imo…

But then I just won a shirt from the developers during a Twitter contest so I need to say nice things from now to Dec 2019 :joy:


New character too big for character select screen :smile: Character select and character name just placeholder it seems btw.


Heres a new character for Metal Revolution

Plus there is a new teaser showing half of the roster


Why doesn’t she look like a robot? Another strange design decision…


I think they are going for Detroit Become Human type of look for her.