Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain

Anyone playing Phantom Pain now?
Appreciated if you could share your thoughts/review on the latest (last?) entry in the Metal Gear series.
Especially the horse riding… interested to know if it is any good (red dead redemption good Lol).

ive got about 3hrs of seat time into the game, ive done a few side jobs and a couple story missions. this damn game is incredible, its fun as hell to play and the graphics are insane. im suprised it looks this good and runs so well on the ps4 with 60FPS at all times. as i was doing a mission to go kill a spetzsnaz commander a thought came into my head, this game is THE definitive metal gear solid experience. all the games in the past were a precursor leading up to this final game in the series.

basically you got MGS in an open world with so much crap to do and how you can do it, that i just dont have the time to write about it. just get the game and see for yourself lol. i will say that its absolutely badass when you are doing a job, get spotted and it turns into a raging firefight. you can call in your chopper with whatever 80s song you have available blaring through a loudspeaker to come in and provide support fire. or, you can have it land at an LZ outside the ops area and bug the hell out to GET TO DA CHOPPA! ■■■■ i love it lol

Thanks! I haven’t played a metal gear in ages.
I will try it out.

Is the day one dlc any good?
Do you play as one character only?
Any thoughts on boss fights?

i dont typically ■■■■ with the DLC, we got some day 1 thing but i dont know what it is. i was too excited to bother looking at it, and the prologue is a good hour. so i rushed to get out into the in-game world and start working to getting Quiet in my ranks (you’ll know her when you see her…). i wake up early for work so i waste no time :wink:

you can play as any of the soldiers you recruit into your Diamond Dogs army! example, if you capture a soldier who is good at botany, and you play as this soldier for a mission or side op, you’ll be able to spot more medicinal plants to take back to your HQ.

boss fights, havent had any yet.


I will have to buy it after double xp, though.
I recently played Witcher 3 for 250 hours and never touched KI during this time. The same will happen if I buy MGS5 now :smiley:

Let me know how things progress, very much want to hear more @R1stormrider

A really good game. So much stuff to do including the story, side quest. collecting, achievement hunting and building up your base. I think it’s by far the best MG game to date.

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i was on my way out of a base after extracting a top secret weapon. the guards at a previous outpost were alerted because i forgot they were there after the chaos i endured in a boss fight against weird ■■■ ghost soldiers. my chopper which i had called to extract me came in and started to gun them down. i was behind cover shooting other soldiers and could see that thing laying waste, it was amazing! then i made it through and hopped into the chopper and G.T.F.O. now to get some david bowie on that thing so everybody can hear him ■■■■■ about life while getting shot


D-Horse is absolutely amazing, and he can’t really get hurt as easily as the horses from RDR (don’t bring him into a firefight or anything, though). Being able to hide behind him is super useful!

Right now I’ve been taking my sweet time; I’ve barely done any of the main missions because I like doing the Side Ops so I can get more stuff for Mother Base. This game has tons of content!

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not just that, but its like you can do the missions any way you want lol. so many possibilities!

Definitely picking this one up soon.