Menu input lag/cutoff

Hello. Yes this theme again.
Players was talking about slow user interface since the beginning of S1.
Yeah. there were some improvements with that, but not enough to close this problem.

We understand that there are a lot of things going on in the background when user just clicking select screen.
But IG you know what’s the most hated and frustrating thing? Is when you pressed for example -> -> -> and the game registers only ->
I don’t care if game slows down, could you at least not cut off user inputs? Just make some kind of cache where you put user controller actions, so after all the loading and calculations are done, when your system is ready to make any changes again - release the next command from the cache. Isn’t that simple?

Come on IG. you could fix that months ago.

Well, it’s debateable when they could’ve fixed this. Given the breakneck speed with which they put out season 2 content, I’m surprised they had much of a chance to work on it at all.

That said, I agree that it’s still a sticking point and needs to get fixed. If it takes scrapping the select screen and starting over with something new, which might have to happen regardless, or losing the 3D models on the select screen in favor of something else that will still look good, but load faster, then I’d say it’s worth doing.

Everything tends to feel sluggish on the select screen and even the versus screen, where character models sometimes come in to the shot at different times, it freezes too fast and you’re left staring at a static image for ten seconds.

I think the season 2 UI is a big step up over season 1’s, and the select screen curser lag has improved, but it’s still there, for sure. Hopefully this isn’t an issue in season 3.

Yeah, I actually have to agree. I’m not angry and I’m not suggesting they should have prioritized this over other issues, but it’s just getting to be so tiresome.

Agree of course with speeding things up but it should have been done at the start of S2 really. MS priority seemed to be content and getting it out there regardless of the state it was in, rather than giving IG the time needed.

I can’t think of a modern fighting game where selecting your character is as slow as it is in KI.