Medusa as character coulD be real guyS


So I was learning Eagle, then suddently when I did the BACk+ 3 Kicks I saw that bird come in front of me then paralyse my opponent with loud.

Then I got a flashback that its exactly the kind of move that MEDUSA could use, if she come in this game.
Now im asking myself if eagle has been add with this gameplay, was a way to give us a tip for guess the next ““maybe characters”” I said maybe!
What yall think about guys cause im a big dreamer and a believer.
Lets exchanges ideas.
MEDUSA says : WHy are you lookin at me? lol :joy:

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I think this thread’s title is extremely misleading.


so what could a put as title then? help me pls

People are still very superstitious about Medusa, games/movies/cartoons have been banned or censored because of her.

For real? Huh. No kidding. I feel like Medusa was in, which one was it? Wrath of the Titans? I dunno. Can’t recall. If people being superstitious about Medusa is why they’re not putting the character in, I’d be a bit surprised.

Where? I have never seen something banned because of Medusa.


Medusa definitely confirmed

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Could you please elaborate and possibly site some sources? I’m not saying you don’t know what you’re talking about, but that seems like a pretty tall claim.

Besides I can think off the top of my head several games that have had Medusa in it: Castlevania, Kid Icarus, God of War…and only the latter would likely to have been censored/banned, and not for a gorgon in the game.

I don’t think there are any sources. This is all just opinion based on one of Eagle’s moves.

Lol at this thread