Maybe it's just me but

Man, have I been out of the KI loop, I was a die hard fan when the game first released, and stayed loyal through season 2 (before the IG take over) and honestly…ever since then I lost the “spark” for the game. Season 3 definitely put it into perspective. The things I enjoyed about the game and what made it challenging and fun are mostly gone. I played a few rounds tonight and man, it’s just not the same anymore. It’s not that fighting game gem that had me drawn to the game. I can’t put my finger on it but something isn’t right anymore and kind of makes me glad I didn’t buy season 3. Does anyone else feel the same or is it really just me and not playing the game for so long.

Def just you. S3 has made KI the BEST fighter I have ever played. I’ve been in the FGC for a long, long, time and seen some great games but this one is by far the most incredible one put together so far.

TX Showdown was an excellent example. KI top 8 was before SF5 top 8. KI was crazy hype and many ppl waiting to watch SF5 got to check out KI. A lot of ppl left halfway through SF5 top 8 saying that it wasn’t near as interesting to watch as KI. I had several ppl saying they wanted to try KI now.

UMVC3 is no longer “America’s game”, that title now belongs to Killer Instinct.


gotcha, been playing fighting games since the n64 days, so I’ve been around the block. Maybe when you just stop playing for a while the rust sets in let alone the new mechanics that threw me off completely with my normal spinal game.

Certain things are def different. Can’t say I like flip outs especially when you’re in Killer Ranked and people know how to use them well. Am looking at HK Smash’s TJ Combo, that guy destroyed me and made me realize how big of a change the flip outs were. At that point the game turns into MKX 50/50’s. Still, I haven’t seen many other people use that besides top tier guys.

Other than that I will say the diversity in terms of gameplay of the S3 characters is a lot more intense gameplay wise. I don’t think any of the characters released so far can be classified as a regular old fighting game character minus Kim Wu who I think is perhaps the closest thing to a regular fighting game character outside of KI which just means that every other character relies on special moves to get close while Kim Wu feels like she is most reliant on her normal than anyone else in the cast. I love her style of play but I know would have it easier if just played any other character.

With those erks aside the only thing pushing me away from the game is a lot of the visuals/design of the game.

Dude what real competative fighting games were on the N64!? lol

You’d be surprised, @DurtyDee810

@A2CKilla I know it may seem hard since you’ve been gone for so long, but give it time, and try to familiarize yourself with the new stuff - I think you’ll find that a lot of the changes make the game better overall. You can start by looking at online videos featuring the new mechanics and changes to the characters, like when they were 1st introduced by the devs on stream. From there, you can work on using them and countering them more effectively, so you can win more, and in turn, have more fun and bring that spark back into your, well, killer instinct. :wink:

The game is better than it’s ever been. Not perfect, make no mistake…But, the best fighter I’ve played and I’ve been playing them for 25 years.


I doubt it’s just you, but personally, I still love the game. Not as much as I did on Season 1, mind you, but still love it.

IG has done a pretty good job, although somehow I believe DH would’ve done it better. Still, great job overall… except for the fact that they refuse to address persistent presentation issues (such as some awful retros and stage ultras) and their fondness for fixing what’s not broken (purple shadows, some stages’ new lighting)


Kind the same for me OP.

I was loving this game since 2 years, but now i don’t like it that much anymore…

The thing is that i loved the japanese retro Fighting style or design of S1 for this new Killer Instinct, but now the game reminds me more of Injustice, Marvel, MK…

And in fact i think i love Japanese Fighting Games more, now i only play Virtua Fighter and it feels sooooo good, and i’m waiting for KOF XIV.

Sorry but to me i see KI like that now :

Yolo, gimmick, boring, jumps, hell and unbalanced MUs, Combo Assist…

I’m happy to not have bought S3 too lol think it’s not gonna happen.

For the longest time I only really enjoyed Marvel or KI from a distance. Watching people do crazy things and having it pay off for them. Made matches pretty hype.

Now that I actually have the chance to play KI proper, I find myself enjoying it a lot more than traditional Japanese fighters. The crazy factor, the risk and reward all touch something that I never felt in Super Turbo. Only in games like Children of the Atom or anything else that broken did I actually really enjoy myself because of how insane it was.

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I really feel you haven’t been paying attention to the recent MK titles if you think this game has worse yolo, gimmick and bad match up problems. There is an overabundance of jumping here, like MK, but at least most characters can do something about it here.

And combo assist really isn’t a problem… it has limitations and is mainly to just help people get used to the system.

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I absolutely loved the game in Season 1 but when Season 2 rolled around it really turned me off of it. I hated so many things about S2 that I pretty much quit playing except to try the new character every month. But Season 3 has completely redeemed Iron Galaxy for me. I love that they actually addressed my biggest complaint about S2’s gameplay, which was that it was piss-easy to combo break air juggles because you couldn’t get timing locked out. They also gave fans of the neutral game a huge bonus with the new combo breaker mechanic of putting players on their feet. Their newer characters aren’t as crazy and gimmicky as the S2 cast was; I love how honest and basic Kim and Tusk are for instance. And there’s quite a bit more that I really enjoy like Jago’s fake endokuken returning, or TJ’s whiff-combos to close distance.

I think the game is as balanced and deep as its ever been. There are still a few things that I dislike from a personal standpoint, like did Glacius really need to get that much stronger?, couldn’t Spinal keep the shadow-meter draining curses and just rework the instinct one?, and why does IG have such a fetish for dash cancels/move cancels? But overall the game is better to me than it has ever been. Though it can be overbearing having so many characters in the game. There are matches where I just can’t help but lose because there are so many characters that I don’t get practice against. I think there are legit only 3 Aganos players on the face of the planet, so I lose every single time I run into them. And I don’t see a lot of Omen so when he shows up I just get demolished.

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What things are “gone” exactly?

Its literally the same exact game with a few new mechanics and characters.

Not just you lol. Played S1 almost daily S2 was on and off for a few months. Though I enjoyed watching the character releases. S3 is still early but so far I like it. As I eagerly await some future character teases.

I think you might just be having a mental block with KI right now. I honestly feel like you may still enjoy it but maybe just have got somewhat bored. That’s natural, my fun sparks from addiction of KI but I will for sure get bored and take a week off or so playing other games. I took a break during Fallout for about a month and came back loving it even more. My next big break will be Gears.

I suggest you follow my footsteps and maybe you will find the reason you think you may have lost when it comes to enjoying KI.

Season 3 to me is far better than season 2…but has yet to beat season 1 (until a certain character is shown) IMO and to me KI is my 6th best fighter…behind CVS2, Soul Calibur 2, USF4, MKX and Thrid Strike

I played season 1 the most and 3 from time to time (avoided 2)…but i play loads of fighting games and all kinda equally in terms of time

I don’t watch high level play for KI at all minus EVO (bit boring for me)…Street fighter I only watch if there are people playing characters other than Ryu, Ken, Nash, Chun-li or Sim (I only like watching Gief, Bison and Mika players)

Complete opposite for me. Like it waay more than I ever did, when I first got it.

Good thing cause MVC3 is the worst game I ever played. Lol

As for you OP I’m afraid you and I cannot agree. With the whole KI cast from the old games finally in the game and new cool music and mechanics and new tools we all get with balance still in it, thi game has gotten better as the seasons go by.

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Erm you do know that the original KI was meant for the ultra 64(N64) and KI gold was there kinda at launch.
Then there is Smash bros,MK4,War Gods ,Fighter’s Destiny,Bio Freaks,etc.

Im not saying al these games are great but there are some fighting games on it.
Also being competive in that time was just with your friends since online wasnt available in that time.

I’m not saying there weren’t fighting games on N64

I’m saying the N64 wasn’t the platform for competitive fighters.

PS1 had Alpha and Tekken. Those were the kings and nothing else came close in that generation.

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