Maybe in another life

maybe.Well 100 dollars are too much man. I only gave 5.

Years? Nah, if I can do it, (been playing since a month after the windows 10 release, on and off) anyone can do it. :slight_smile:

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You don’t need years to play decent, you need much less than that. But you need to like the game and have motivation, those two help a lot.


This is extremely true. Espiecally the part about motivation. With anything in life, if you don’t truely want it, it will be almost impossible to achieve. Getting killer is not that hard to achieve. Just takes time, experience and motivation.

Also the 100 dollars is over an extended amount of time. I didn’t pay 100 dollars in one payment (and I have a minimum wage job)


Exactly, it’s all about setting those goals, start with something small, then progress, onwards and upwards, sometimes slowly, for example, a year ago I couldn’t have beaten boss Shago, then one day I did that, it felt good and then that in turn motivated me to learn other stuff.

I’d watch PinkDiamond and wonder how she’d do stuff like cashing out with Mantis, I learned to do it (granted with Instinct) a couple of weeks ago and now win or lose, the satisfaction of being able to pull off these crazy shenanigans feels wicked cool and I’m extremely glad I decided to try. I think the first step is, make them your goals, forget about what anyone else thinks (by all means learn from them) but if the sense of achievement is just for you, no-one can take it away. :slight_smile:


I highly recommend that anytime you get a match that you feel encompasses your skills, post it here.

Usually, people will critique your video pointing out what you did great and what would serve better in certain situations so that you can improve. Though, if you just want someone to play with, feel free to add me! My GT is “oTiger Spirit” (space included). I know the basics of TJ and perhaps learning Jago can provide valuable insight as well.


@MikeAtzem I think I played you before who were you using

Im sorry guys. Its just the thing that i got to gold to easy and now when I play with killers i feel like i know nothing. I may not take years, I know but this Feeling holds me back. Anyway… It Would Be nice if i have someone to show me my mistakes. And Dragon I think we played. I always use TJ.

Will do man. Anyone can add me too. My Tag is Mikeatzem.

Motivation goes away man if damn killers teabag you to death.

Funny thing is they actually gave me more motivation in the long run. Now I’m able to teabag them. It’s all about the mindset

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Ah we have played lol ggs I was using my brothers account I was using omen I dabble with TJ due to lack of tech of I see on the forums. My original tag is my name on here I’ll help you out bro I helped trained a few players in the past. Are you available to play anytime soon? My mains are Jago, Shadow Jago, and Omen (as I stated before)

Be prepared to take losses here regardless of who is training with you. Your losses are learning experiences, yes it gets frustrating but the moment you see past that the better you become as a player.


Players that t-bag Getting the full ultra pray I don’t re-cap that ■■■ lol

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Best way to do that, watch a replay of what was beating you. That’s in the fight archive. Look at how Wulf Shago and them play and how or where they go for their mixups so you can anticipate blocking instead of reaction blocking if reaction blocking isn’t working for you. That’s not something that can be taught what to do against it, it’s because every player is different. So you need a general strategy going into matchups. Like, he has this option possible and this option possible, but he may not use it until a clutch situation and I have to be ready for it.

Nice to hear Geek is still doing some good things for players that are looking for help.

The thing is man is like… Glacius has me in the corner Or even set ups his trails from far away. Then his spikes in(or shoulder) if i block he does this unblockable thing. If i jump the trails get me. Is there another other than shadow counter? I mean oft course I can try and break the Combo. But that way I get damage anyway.
Situations like that man.

I play Sabrewulf, if you want to play add me. GT: Maru MDQ

I play some Omen and Shago. Add me if you want