Maya Season 3 Changes... (Discussion)

Added change list to OP
- CStyles45


[-] Jumping HP and HK damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Mantis is no longer available from a back jump. Neutral and forward jumps only.
[-] Dagger Toss Light and Medium recovery is 6 frames longer.
[-] Raised hitboxes of daggers slightly to make it easier for more characters to low profile to avoid them.
[-] Dagger toss no longer deals chip damage on block.
[-] Dagger Toss followups from Leap Kick are only available on hit or whiff. You cannot do these on block anymore.
[-] Leap Kick Ender does not launch as high, forcing you to juggle a normal before you juggle with a Dagger Toss.
[+/-] Maya’s Shadow Counter now uses Shadow Linker Leap Kick instead of Shadow Tumble Kick.
[+] The 2nd hit from Daggers (Dagger Spirit) cannot cause a combo to blowout.
[+] All Linker damage increased to normal damage-and-scaling levels so that Maya gains Ender levels normally.
[+] The 2 hits of opener Tumble Kick advance the damage scaling by 1 hit instead of 2, helping Maya build Ender levels normally.
[+] Tumble Kick Ender damage increased ~20%
[+] Widened cancel window on 2nd hit of Crouching MP target combo and Crouching HP to make these feel better.
[+] Tumble Kick and Shadow Tumble Kick cause a Ground Bounce on the final hit against airborne opponents for increased juggle opportunities.
[+] Normal and Dagger juggle properties have been adjusted to extend juggle opportunities.
[+] Normal and Axe Kick Recapture hitbox sizes improved to enhance juggle opportunities.
[+] Adjusted launch velocity on Shadow Leap Kick to make the Dagger Toss followup work as intended.
[+] Mantis can cash out combos if a breakable window occurred. It deals more damage than before in a combo.
[-] Double Dagger Strike launches opponents for a juggle.
[-] Dagger/Pip Damage Ender is removed from the game and reworked into:
[+/-] New ender: Dagger Assault Activation Ender! – QCF+HP
-This Ender does extremely low damage and leaves the opponent standing.
-After the attack portion of the ender, the daggers leave Maya’s hands and hover above the opponent’s head, attacking them automatically every few seconds.
-The number of times they attack is based on the number of pips you had when you activated. (0 pips = 1 attack, 4 pips = 5 attacks)
-These attacks can be blocked and don’t build up new pips.
-When Dagger Assault ends, the daggers violently separate.
-If Maya gets hit, Dagger Assault ends right away.
-Dagger Assault does not carry over between rounds.

Here is where we can discuss them. I think one of the biggest ones is the change to her Dagger Ender, of course.

The new Spirit Strike will enhance her already strong neutral game if used, although it doesn’t seem worth going out of your way as much for pips now. Particularly because its benefit is reduced to potentially nothing if Maya gets hit.

On the other hand, I think her gameplan seems to be shifting away from Spirit Strike in general. Her damage should be good enough now to not need a massive guaranteed benefit from Spirit Strike. And if the new Spirit Strike turns out to be useful for setups even with only a couple pips, then you won’t have to worry about getting max pips so much like before.

Does the Spirit Strike stop on block as well? I know they separate when she gets hit, but they make for a great mixup tool if they don’t on block

So what is her damage ender now…and are pips mosting being used in dagger toss now??
Not sure about the new ender til season 3 goes live…
Think it’s an interesting change but is that kind of ender worth the pips…

Added change list for Season 3 to OP

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I don’t think so. The whole point of it is to harass the opponent with an auto-mixup, and how long it lasts is determined by pips. Maya can keep her own pressure going and find an opening while the opponent is busy blocking the daggers assaulting them from overhead.

Well then, that’s brilliant. She can’t get pips during it but her damage buffs mean she’s still quite potent.

I think her mix ups are going to be awesome with the new spirit dagger the oppent would be under constant pressure with those two their over head. I don’t know what to think about daggers not being about to be thrown after leap kick is blocked. I thought the whole point of the character was to keep consist pressure on her oppent, but on the other hand this mean that I can’t just throw out leap kick all willy-nilly now. :frowning:

When I watched the stream I really didn’t get past them taking away dagger ender, thought the new ender looked SUPER dumb and decided Maya was dead to me but after a while I went back and rewatched it and the new ender does look pretty scary plus with all her damage buffs i reckon she’ll still be awesome :slightly_smiling: I am a lil bummed about no mantis from back jump tho. That shizz was NASTY lol.

I’m glad that she gets a damage boost. Although she lost her high damage ender.

So now that Maya cannot use Daggers to make her DP safe, does it seem odd that her DP is still fairly lacking as a reversal? The risk seems pretty high, so I think the reward should be a little higher relative to what it will be in Season 3.

Yeah that’s annoying I guess the intention is to encourage players not to just throw the move and assume it safe because of daggers. This mean you’ll have to force them to block while hoping that they don’t back dash. If they are successful they can punish you. It’s still a BIG risk.

Okay I went to the practice room I don’t know how I feel about dagger not being able to be thrown if the opponent blocks. I mean it’s not like it’s an invincible DP couldn’t just get meatied?

Yup. And here’s why I can’t play Maya. Tried her out. Everything is just so much chunkier and slower now to where I feel like I’m seeing KI morph into Mortal Kombat. Where she used to be fast and furious with options galore, she now sits with less options, and an emphasis on complex juggles (meaning more dropped combos). Sure, the damage buff is great, but it serves little utility when the start up on her moves is so slow that anyone can get in on them.

Sigh, double posting because I have finally learned what the new Maya is all about. I was wrong. IG was right. She’s a beast. I relearned her style and am just floored. So, nevermind my earlier post. IG, you rock!

The new ender is horrible and no one is using it because is 100% chance guarantee to lose your daggers and does very low damage. Bring back the old ender.

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I think the ender is kind of interesting, but I haven’t had much success really using it. I like using it to open opponents up for another combo, but it kinda defeats the purpose if they can just break out of it and nullify the daggers by doing so. I mainly use the four pips for spirit strike now.

Yeah, at first I thought Dagger Assault had potential but now not so much.

Maya’s own pressure becomes very limited during it because all she has is kicks, and there’s so many ways that Dagger Assault can be stopped. Maya getting hit, combo breakers, throw tech, etc. And to top it all off she has to get her daggers back again after it ends. It seems practically useless.

I feel like we got punished. So we can’t even DP anymore. We have wiff our DP to even throw daggers. We cannot make them safe if they block. Alright so off of wake up I can’t even pressure my opponent or make them think twice . So I have to run the risk of losing my daggers or I just simply can’t use them. She did get higher damage so I’m going to keep playing with it, but her damage Ender is only good if I stay back and not get hit? I’m going to withhold judgement but it’s not looking good.

Daggers should come back in Maya’s hand when it’s done and maybe that move may be a bit more usefull.