Maxed out all characters

with eagle I maxed out all characters in ki :wink::blush: I love this game


We need an achievement for stuff like this. @rukizzel


Yeah I would love one like asap :joy:

No, we don’t

It would mean that we are no getting more characters :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the idea…unless…

Technically, if it was just one achievement for getting all the characters to 50, then you would only need to complete it once, and whenever it came out would be the easiest time to get it. If another character is added it only makes the achievement harder.

However, if it was an achievement for each character (example: Reach Level 50 with Jago), then you would have to keep getting every character to 50 when a new one came out to get their achievement.

Congrats! Feel free to post on the semi official thread for this! (it’s been a long time since its been used so I’ll forgive you for not finding jet)

Join the club! I still gotta grind out Eagle to get everyone to max level, but between work, family, and Diablo my hands are a bit tied :stuck_out_tongue:

I had respect for your lv 50, until I seen the Xp booster in the corner. So you were getting 300% xp per match. The 2× wasn’t fast enough for you?

Great response :joy::joy:

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I only used it for eagle I never purchased it before I maxed out a total of 27 character without it with shin hisako and back in se2 were I had maxed all characters without booster but had to max out 6 characters again because of a game save issue I maxed out 34 character in total and 1 with extra xp well sorry for that however for what it’s worth I would have finished it normally by now because I fought well over 300 games with eagle :blush:

Ok. I get it. You have my respect plus some. I get it now. Eagle was your last character to get to 50 and you just wanted to be done with the lv 50 thing.
He is my last one also. I have him at 30 now, the reason I don’t use boosters is because by the time I do the achievements for the character they are over level 45, so it would be a waste of KI gold