Max talks Kilgore and Ultimates!

Enjoy. ^^

I know you don’t like guest characters. But I wonder will guests get ultimates too?

They’re already in the game, and if everyone else are getting Ultimates, I don’t care. However, if some guest characters get Ultimates, and some KI characters DO NOT get one, then I would be heavily disappointed in IG, as I am with Arbiter getting a stage and Mira didn’t.


Every character has an Ultra. Every character will have an Ultimate.


I honestly don’t even see these ultimates being as violent as the old ones, we couldn’t even have Hisako’s blade sticking out of someone’s torso on her grab, there’s no way they’ll let us incinerate people to a pile of ash, blast them with bullets, snap their necks, stab then until they bleed out or anything of that. The only finisher we have in-game right now that is confirmed to kill is Aganos’ stage ultra, the rest are pretty vague and are mostly tame.

Which sadly means my dream of seeing a Glacius freeze/shatter ultimate is pretty much off the table.

Burning people to ash or freezing them to ice and shatter them can be done without being gory or ultra-violent. It shouldn’t be that much of a problem to keep than within the Teen rating. ^^

It’s been done in the past games and it looks almost cartoonish.

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Maybe, I just have a feeling that they’ll all be incredibly tame in that regard.

I mean look at Jago’s endokuken ultimate in KI 2, he completely engulfs them and all that remains is a charred corpse and of course his new one just leaves them intact with a few flame particles on their body.

Weren’t people saying in the other thread that Max was trashing Kilgore? Doesn’t sound like it to me in this video.

Apparently from what I’ve heard that was mostly in his first stream.

Yeah it just sounds like he was probably frustrated in the moment and realized it was going to take more work than he had put in to understand how Kilgore works.

Well, if you only hear a couple of minutes of frustration and then base your entire opinion about a person on those few minutes, then misunderstandings like these will happen.

Aganos stage ultra does.


Yeah, it would most likely be in that style, should IG make some Ultimates like that.

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Me too. I really want to see Mira and Eyedol’s stages. But it won’t happen…

Man, I can’t wait to see more ultimates gameplay! :slight_smile:

hope everybody does NOT get ultimates,

  • character uniqueness
  • maybe just Shago, Jago and Shadow Orchid (if there is a shadow orchid), Omen … shadow characters

would rather devs put time to missing character stages

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glad Maximilian dood is getting back to KI vids too

I’m liking the new Ultimates style, I didn’t like much the old ones because sometimes they were ridiculous xD. And if we talk about violence we have MK which has gone a little to far for my taste (babalities rock though!)

PS: I kind of like SFV sĂşper animations, some look really cool

they get boring though …

stages don’t get boring (just nicely in the background)

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KI has never had incredibly gory ultimates. They were brutal, but not even close to being on the same level of MK.

I’m more interested in ultimates than stages.