Matchup Training Partner Thread

Since i did not found any Thread wher players can find other players - on the same level to train certain matchups they struggle with - i thought it would be nice to have one.

The Template for finding a partner and Matchup

Main Character:
Skill Level:
Matchups Practice vs:

So i start:

Gamertag: Lycan Naryko
Location: Germany (Europe works fine - USA works but lag can happen and time difference is a bit tough to plan with)
Main Character: Tusk
Skill Level: Good (Killer placed in Top32 yesterday)
Matchups Practice vs:

  1. Glacius
  2. Shadow Jago
  3. Maya
  4. Orchid
  5. Hisako

If you play any of these characters as a main please add me for a longer Set (20+ Matches at minimum).

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Already a thing, brother!

Got you right here!:

If it isnt exactly what you are looking for, you can look at this thread:

In this thread, you can post on a daily basis and ask for people to play with.

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I don’t main hisako but I would like to get better with her. :slight_smile:

Great topic !

I was actually looking for training partners!
So here is my profile:

Gamertag: lecter2005
Location: Canada (West Coast)
Main Character: Fulgore
Skill Level: Good
Matchups Practice vs:


Kan Raa


If you want to have some fun and practice, just let me know!

Suprising. Forum Battles, GGs thread, Academy, Shadows friends thread, other “looking for…” threads, there have been quite a few looking for players to play against and possibly help with training.
The MUs you’d like to learn, I can’t help with. I’m only average (being generous) with Orchid out of them all.

Gamertag: DoobyDude23
Location: India (I’ve had decent matches with European opponents, but lag depends on my ISP’s mood)
Main Character: I don’t really have one, I know more about Wulf than the others but I’m really liking Hisako and want to pick up Cinder.
Skill Level: Average.
Matchups practice vs: Kan Ra, Aganos and Shago.

Forum Battles is no Training Partner Stuff. GGs Thread is about Good Games, Academy is about to introduce new players to KI, Shadows friends is about Shadows.

None of those threads is about finding training Partners for long sets on the same skill level to train certain matchups.

On topic i added both of you.

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Gamertag: lipucd
Location: IL
Main Character: Riptor as she’s easier to use over Saberwulf
Skill Level: Bronze forever at this rate
Matchups Practice vs: Honestly anyone
I could use others to play with in earnest, as ranked has been like a 33% win rate in bronze, and the “Exhibition” has been less then 20%, so I feel like I could use someone to help me n this game otherwise I doubt I’ll get very far.