Matchmaking does not work on Windows 10 since yesterday

having same issue

Lobbies and invitations do work (to some extent) but rank is busted. Some people are thinking that the game is dead because of it. Something has to happen soon

It’s a bummer the game is having issues right now, but I think it’s hilarious that some people will call the game dead over it. They went from having tons and tons of matches every day for 4 years, to not being able to find a match one day out of the blue… every player from the game quitting at the same time is the absolute least likely logical explanation for that.

People just want to think/fear the worst most of the time, I guess.


As a Psychology Major In-progress, I find this to be accurate a lot of the time. People usually always think of the negative first.

This problem would be nullified if some kind of KI authority acknowledged issue on twitter or forum.

Not necessarily. Depending on what the reasoning behind it is or how it’s handled, saying something as opposed to nothing could exacerbate the situation.

Would be nice if someone talked about what was going on, but it’s new year’s day so you’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow at the earliest.

OK, this is getting serious. Matchmaking is busted for 3 days now. Is anyone gonna at least acknowledge the issue or are you going to strangle last sings of life from this game?

Still busted on Xbox one. A simple “We are aware of this issue” would be appreciated. I love this game and just want to keep playing. I hope this is fixed before people people give up trying.

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Iron Galaxy has acknowledged the issue on Twitter. They say there’s nothing they can do on their end of things, but Microsoft is looking into it. Iron Galaxy’s Tweet on the issue

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I can only speculate, but it sounds like IG’s contract is up on the game.

What’s even more worrying about that comment is not only are they likely not working on KI3 anymore, but if they’re not able to help fix an issue like this there’s a good chance that they’re not currently working on a sequel either, which either means it’s not happening or another developer is going to be handling it.

This is why Microsoft has a bad reputation. Everything they touch falls apart. Hotmail, Windows 8, Xbox One announcement/launch fiasco, Windows 10 forced upgrades brouhaha, Killer Instinct.

At least there’s Street Fighter 5 and Injustice 2 still out there to play.

So we just gonna forget all the server maintenance that routinely sidelines SFV for days then? :thinking:

To everyone else: matchmaking is down and it sucks. I get it. But it’s seriously not the end of the world, or even KI. Go outside and hike or read a book or something. Come back in a week or two and keep it moving.


Lose the condescending attitude. It’s not warranted or necessary. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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For everyone on this thread:

They know. Working on it as they speak.

Matchmaking seems to be back!

I’ve had luck with getting a couple of ranked matches in the last few minutes, matches take a while to find probably due to most not knowing that it’s back, but it’s there for the most part.

-shrug- Honestly, I’m just tired of reading every 2.5 weeks about how X or Y or C17.3p is killing KI, and how MS or IG or the ghost of Double Helix is failing and spitting in the community’s eye. It’s beyond tiresome at this point.

Matchmaking is (was?) down for 4 days - after around 4 years of quite good netplay. SFV has had around the same amount of completely non-functional online time in its two seasons as in all of KI’s life.

Apologies if my tone is dismissive or flippant, but seriously - do we really have to do this song and dance every single time something goes wrong?


My only problem is really how bad it is now while still somewhat working. After a long time, I finally made it to my Killer rank promotion match, I was very excited. It was searching for probably 10 minutes, finally found someone, and the second the character select screen appeared it booted me from the match and docked me 300 points for a disconnect loss. That 300 points isn’t going to be easy for me to get back.

I’m happy they acknowledged it.

I do apologize if I came off that way… it wasn’t my intention at all. I was just a bit miffed that I had less than a week’s worth of online play in the game after having bought it, but I do understand that hiccups like this happen from time to time. It sucks, but it’s something we have to live with from time to time.

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