Matchmaking does not work on Windows 10 since yesterday

Matchmaking seems to be back!

I’ve had luck with getting a couple of ranked matches in the last few minutes, matches take a while to find probably due to most not knowing that it’s back, but it’s there for the most part.

-shrug- Honestly, I’m just tired of reading every 2.5 weeks about how X or Y or C17.3p is killing KI, and how MS or IG or the ghost of Double Helix is failing and spitting in the community’s eye. It’s beyond tiresome at this point.

Matchmaking is (was?) down for 4 days - after around 4 years of quite good netplay. SFV has had around the same amount of completely non-functional online time in its two seasons as in all of KI’s life.

Apologies if my tone is dismissive or flippant, but seriously - do we really have to do this song and dance every single time something goes wrong?


My only problem is really how bad it is now while still somewhat working. After a long time, I finally made it to my Killer rank promotion match, I was very excited. It was searching for probably 10 minutes, finally found someone, and the second the character select screen appeared it booted me from the match and docked me 300 points for a disconnect loss. That 300 points isn’t going to be easy for me to get back.

I’m happy they acknowledged it.

I do apologize if I came off that way… it wasn’t my intention at all. I was just a bit miffed that I had less than a week’s worth of online play in the game after having bought it, but I do understand that hiccups like this happen from time to time. It sucks, but it’s something we have to live with from time to time.

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Well shoot, is there any small spot I can find myself looking to play with someone at the (insomniac-ridden) moment?

knowing dang well i need to sleep, i tried to play some ranked matches after hearing its been back up. however, the win10 version is now crashing right before playing ranked matches causing losses via disconnects when restarting the game (this is the first time ive actually had the win10 version crash).

I’ll see if there are updates that need to be installed and i’ll try the steam version too. i’ll report my findings.

This sucks bad…:persevere:

steam version works just fine fyi. it’s only $20. u get all content and it works offline without a problem and generally performs better than the win10 version

I tried doing an exhibition match a little while ago and the game crashed on me. Admittedly I didn’t try doing a ranked match… maybe my luck there would be better since the ranked ladders on Steam are separate from Xbox/Windows store.

Yeah ranked worked just fine. i didnt try exhibition. given that i jus went 10-0 there were about 2 folks that were pretty solid. One guy I counterbroke for almost an entire life bar. Folks will learn in time.

Matchmaking works again for me. Did not have any crashes so far.

You’re good man - my comment was more directed at some of the other hysterics here, and even then I was probably more pointed than strictly necessary. It definitely sucks that things went to pot right after you bought the game - hope it’s fixed for you soon!

Actually, it very well may be. I was able to get in a best of 3 set against someone just under an hour ago. It was another Steam user, and the connection was a little bit rough, but still :slight_smile: Plus, they were playing Gargos and I kinda needed some practice against him lol


Having same issue here

Oh, come on, we know you were directing that at me. :grin:

Honestly my post wasn’t so much a hysterical end-of-the-world comment as much as a comment on how perhaps looking for greener pastures within the KI IP may be effort better spent enjoying what we have in front of us.

Just had another exhibition fight, this time against an Xbox/Windows player. Connection was super rough… like, I nearly got a perfect against someone I probably shouldn’t have even been able to beat. As rough as it was for me, I get the feeling it might have been even worse on his end. Still, the fact that I’ve been able to find matches at all means they’re making progress, so there’s that :slight_smile:

Lol. I wasn’t thinking of you at all in my original post. Nothing you wrote was absurd histrionics. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hows the online looking today boys?

Good, but I got matched with the most awful connection and computer ever. 1 minute loading, lags like crazy, I haven’t been this mad for a long time.

CLANDARKMANTIS - watch out for this potato.

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