Match Compilations?

I’m coming back to KI because SFV makes me want to slip into a void and never return. I’m looking for something similar to the replay upload channels, or something of that nature that SFV has. The BEAST, Xuses, you know. GG has one as well in Is there anything like that for someone like me who wants to see specific characters in matches to see how they play? I’m having a hard time really finding a main, and I’d like to see some at least competent play of the characters I’m looking at.

Check out Bass’s channel here:

It has a bunch of high level FT10s with lots of characters. No commentary on them though.

Please check our forum’s Dojo section. The following post has recent top 16 and top 8 match footage of tournaments held this month

Oh thanks a lot! Sorry, I’m a bit new to navigating this site and finding what I need. I used to just scrape the subreddit for stuff until someone mentioned that these forums were a lot more active.

What characters are you interested in watching? Depending on who you want to see, some character specialists have archives of their match play that you can look through.

Please come here for ALL your information and needs. We can help. Most information anywhere else is probably tainted. Except for Infills guide.

You have come to the right place for sure…stick around and soak up everything you can.

I was interested in Glacius for a bit, and then it turned out he looks like he zones more like Dhalsim than Guile if you know what I mean. It seems more limb centric than plasma centric. Other characters I like include Mira, Raam, Cinder, and maaaybe Kan-Ra.

If you want to see good match footage for these characters, then look up the following players for each:

Glacius: Sickle
Mira: Bass (rough sets on YouTube has a lot of Mira play)
Cinder: Bass (rough sets has a lot of Cinder play too), @SonicDolphin117 I think streams as well still
Raam: not sure of anyone who plays the character and streams :confused:
Kan-Ra: look up Fubuki - he has an amazing Ra.
:thumbsup: Hope that helps.

Thank you very much! It’s definitely somewhere to start.

You include me on the Cinder list and not the Glacius list?

For your information, my youtube channels features videos for like half the roster.

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The more you know :thumbsup:

sigh Just take the link XD

I might stream some raam matches once I have my voice back. I definitely don’t stream enough.