Tournament Replays - January 2017 (for study & analysis purposes)

For studying purposes I’ll post links to some tournaments held within this first month of 2017.

  • Feel free to discuss and ask questions about what you see in the matches. It’s for us to learn.
  • I will update regularly but I cannot promise that all tournaments held will be posted here of course.
  • YouTube links are preferred…And I will delete a link if the video is no longer available.

  1. First up. Kross Up week 1
  1. Final 8bitbeatdown Top 16

  2. Kumite in Tennessee 2017 - Top 8

  3. Kombo Klash Japan


KI Kross Up 3:03:30

Just kill me now.


Wow. Raven is Raw taunts you in whole matches. :confused:

You don’t know the half of it. The dude just hates me.

Why do he hate you?

He’s just a troll, really. Not much else to be said.

I already know I can beat him. I just failed to adapt.

Raven Taunted and TB me too in ranked. I was very disappointed becasue I watched him live at AB7, Ive cheered fro him at times, and didnt expect that type of personality in his game play. I sent him a message saying I was disappointed.

@KevBones10 What do you mean you dont know how to check in?

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“Check in” mean I have to log in to KI tournament and my opponent won’t get bye. But I don’t have my account. So… It’s too late for me. :confused:

Why dont you have your account? Im not understanding what the issue is? Why wouldnt you have an account even though you are in the tournament?

Fubuki definitely made some mistakes against the Fulgore’s he played. Either from lack of experience or nerves he failed some reads and mind games that I know he can keep up with.

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He hates everyone and taunts everyone or just finds it amusing. Either way he’s not getting any respect for it, maybe that’s the reason he can’t close a major. His cockiness could be a mental barrier.

Anyways I don’t know, it always seems like Top Tiered competitors get angry/frustrated or annoyed by the simple things to render a taunt/teabag.

Did he reply?

Also I’ve been curious so I’ll ask someone on the pro-side why it may be that tournament players tend to teabag/taunt when they clearly know they are better. Is it because minor annoyances they see underskilled players do?


Guys, @oTigerSpirit @KevBones10 can you take the teabagging discussion elsewhere please? This thread is for reviewing and learning from tournament footage.


Yes, I was surprised but I can understand how this was a pretty important and special edition. I would think nerves started to creep up on him.

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Yeah, I am very sorry. I just realize… I will delete my posts.


Added KIT Top 8 to the first post.

No he didnt replay…and the reason he prob Tb me is because I had him on his heels… I almost won. Now I played LCD a couple times and he never taunted or Tb… he played very fair and fun.

Great thread idea. I’ll participate more once I have my Internet

Thanks. I’m just trying to come up with a better thread name if possible: “Tournament Replay Vault” or something. So, if u have any suggestions…

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Kombo Klash Japan added to the first post!