Masterderico's "engrish" rant thread!

Has some things and decisions that is hard to believe.

For those who got the “ultra” edition of ki s3, what we got?
-A months of wait to play a single mode, just to coincide with the retail release.
-Retail release has extras that we dont have.

What a deal i did buying the digital complete version of s3!
Ultra combo on our face! :slight_smile:

Another thing is about the ki “community”…

When a major tournament is running, and on the official ki twitch some guy is playing ANOTHER game, not even hosting the tournament, u can see that us are just reflex of your posture.

I was doing threads about every tournament here, but when i see not a single passion from the developers about it, im out.

The state of ki now, its not our fault.
Every winner has a good lider behind it.

You got to play the game/season 3 a whole 5 months earlier.

Seems like a good deal to me.

If I bought MKX when it released and then bought all the DLC and now MKXL is released for the same price MKX was a while back, I dont mind, because I got to play the game for a long while, also usually when it is at the height of its popularity (always important with online matchmaking)

Also, there might be a season four or other DLC in a while, next time you can wait for the super duper deluxe edition in a years time, which might have an extra Goldilocks skin or something, instead of buying it in maybe half a year so you can get on with playing the game (which is what most of us want).

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Just… No!
Sorry mate.

Well, this is definitely a rant. I know English is not your native language, but you might want to take a little more time with the post because it’s very hard to understand what you mean. Here is what I am picking up - you tell me if I’m right or wrong.

  1. You are disappointed in Shadow Lords as the central/premiere feature of S3.

  2. You don’t think you got good value from S3 ultra edition.

  3. You are upset that MS isn’t doing more to support the tournament scene because someone was twitch streaming another game during a tournament.

These are things that are legitimate to share on the forums, but it would make it more productive if you explained what you wanted them to do instead. Here are my thoughts in these complaints:

  1. You’ve shared this view before and you are not alone. Everyone isn’t going to like SL just like everyone didn’t like the story modes in S1 or S2. But maybe you should say what you would have rather seen them do. Unless you are going to say “a stage for each character,” in which case I would encourage you to keep it to yourself.

  2. Season 3 Ultra came with the same retro and accessories as the first two Ultra deals. In place of a KI arcade port we got KI gold and a leveling bonus. We knew that in advance of the season and nothing else was promised to us. It’s fine to think this is not good value, but then you shouldn’t have bought it. Shadow Lords, like all of the games modes, is free to everyone regardless of which version of the game you own or if you are playing only the free rotating character. So lumping it in as a “what did we get for our money” piece is misplaced.

  3. They were playing a different game in the official KI Twitch? I find that hard to believe. Do you mean MS or IG’s twitch channels, which are for everything those companies choose to do with them? In any event they can’t be expected to support every single KI tournament everywhere. The time to ask for support is before the tournament, not afterwards.


As i can see u understood pretty well what i said…

How does that work though, you only get one free rotating character, SL requires 3?

Well both channels dont care about tournaments… So…

Why i need to support if even the producers dont give a s***?
Like i said, its all wrong, and we have ZERO incentive.

I don’t know. Maybe someone with early access can sort that out.

They made Jago free permanently (or they will soon)and then there is still the rotating character, so I assume it can be played with 2 characters…

Also in the game sometimes a character offers to join the team, perhaps hose offers can be accepted so u end up with three players…


That’s one of if not the most grossest generalization I have ever seen.

If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t have offered a community fund of $100,000 to support local KI tournaments. These are dedicated fans themselves, but they are also a small team.

The incentive is what you make it, you can’t force people to like KI. Tournaments not being mainstream isn’t the fault of the devs, it’s just hard to make this game noticeable amongst everyone. Believe me though, they certainly try.


This has second intentions, when theres not money involved theres no support from them

I dunno, man. I pre-ordered the S3 complete edition thinking that I would get:
-All characters from S1-S3.
-All retro stuff.
-A pile of KI gold (to hoard until SL drops).
-XP Boost (which I had no idea what that meant at the time of purchase, but am now glad with the reduced grind-time for colors).
-3 Stages (that I didn’t expect to run on my PC anyway - and they don’t!).
-The ability to play the game from launch day onward, and access to the new characters ASAP, instead of waiting a week after they drop.

…and those things are what I got.

SL is free to everyone, so that was never a factor in my purchase, therefore I can’t be upset about it. I’m actually kinda stoked for it, and I think it’s really neat that they’re gonna just give that one away, to everyone, for free. That’s a good call for a F2P game. And they were relatively upfront that SL was gonna be towards the end of the season (granted, the trailer did imply that it would be sooner) - but SL had nothing to do with anyone’s purchase, so I can’t see why that’s a reason to be upset with your own.

RE: Tournament Streaming - pretty much what @BigBadAndy said.

Also, the retail buyers are getting the same game I have, plus a behind the scenes DVD that none of knew would even exist when we purchased at launch, a soundtrack that will likely be available elsewhere (iTunes, YouTube, whathaveyou) shortly after release, and a skin that looks bad and some folks seem to care WAY TOO MUCH about - in exchange for 5 months of experience that I have and they may not (except for multi-purchasers, but that’s a different story).

All in all, I can’t agree that we got ripped off. We got exactly what we paid for, no bull. I’m happy with it.


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What is there not to understand? They delivered what they promised, are more engaged than any other dev team in the genre… What shouldn’t I be accepting that I am? What nonsense are you so rudely crying about that you feel needs to be validated by insulting others?

IG is responsible for MORE than just KI, and so their Twitch may not stream EVERY SINGLE KI TOURNEY. Instead of hating on IG for it, maybe you could read up on streaming schedules so you don’t miss the tourneys as they are streamed?

Same for MS, but on a MUCH GREATER scale. I’d be surprised if there was EVER a KI tourney streamed by an official MS channel, considering they publish other, far more popular, competitive games whose competitive schedule often overlaps with that of the FGC tourney scene. Streaming KI during a Halo tourney would be shooting themselves in the foot, and nobody should expect that. It’s ridiculous.

Or are you one of those people that buys things blindly so you can cry about it later? You did read the product description BEFORE you gave them money, right? Cuz it doesn’t seem like it, and that’s your fault. Get a grip.


See, this is the kind of immature response that makes this a rant thread and keeps your complaints from being taken seriously. People are responding to your post with pretty reasonable statements sharing their own views - since this is a forum. Instead of having a discussion about them, you just throw up “This game will die unless the devs start doing what I want!” And you haven’t even said what it is that you want - just what you don’t like. Lol. Whatever kid.

It’s not “blind acceptance of everything” to not agree with your wildly exaggerated pouting about stuff. Also, you need to look up “grow up” because it has a different meaning than “grow” and it’s not clear which one you intend.

I knew I shouldn’t have wasted time trying to engage.


As u said, my english is bad, i cant do a detailed reply, sorry.

U understood what i was trying to say.

Majority here talk too much and do ZERO for ki.

My english is the issue here, not the official channel or ig channel not supporting tournaments.

I think if someone os wasting time here its me.

When have you ever done anything for KI?
I mean, other than complaining on the forum. That’s all I see you do around here.


I wish that too…

Sorry if i feel superficial, theres nothing that i can do about it.

Btw, here go the issues with my english again

I’ll edit the tittle…

What u talking about?