Mask of the Ancients. BUGGED?

After over 200+ hours of SL mode, I still have not unlocked the Mask of the Ancients dossier. Is this dossier bugged like the “vampire” dossier was in the beginning of SL? Is it a quest that has not been put in the game yetn like the crimson guardians are?

I have collected 100% of the dossiers so far. If you don’t count the guardians that are not out yet, I am only missing 10 total. This is part of the reason that I am wondering of there is a problem. How could I go though the SL mode this many time and not have seen a quest or unlocked it.

If someone could let us know what we are missing, or if there is a problem that would be great.



Any help or guidance or clarification on this dossier would be greatly appreciated. If the quest isn’t there yet or if it’s bugged, just tell us. No big deal. But it seems extremely odd that this mode has been out for this long, people have played this much, and this dossier hasn’t dropped for anyone yet. Certainly seems like something’s not right.

Yeah, it’s been frustrating how it not only hasn’t been fixed, but it seemingly hasn’t even been addressed.

I am however grateful that they tweaked the dossier drop rate at the very least. Much more reasonable now.

Just wait until you get to over 80%. It will slow down again. Thanks for your support on this thread.

Seriously, can someone, anyone on the development team chime in on this? Is it bugged? Is there anything you can do to point us in the direction of how to get this dossier to drop? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

If it’s not bugged, then great, but the fact that no one can seem to get it to drop, coupled with the fact that other dossiers have had some bug issues for some people (such as Hatchery III), I’d really like to know if I’m plugging away at something that’s not working properly, that’s all I ask. Some sort of hint would be awesome, for sure, but just knowing that it’s working properly would be great too.

@rukizzel, any help on this please? Anyone that checks the @developers handle as well? I swear I don’t mean to be a pest, but some sort of assistance on this would be nice, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Ghosttown… xD I hope they say something bout it in the upcoming patch.

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Still waiting for some clarification on this. Currently sitting at 103% and it’s only mask of the ancients and the not yet released guardian dossiers to obtain.

I have news, I finally unlocked the dossier with the 3.8 patch, but the item is still nowhere to be found.

I got the dossier as reward after fighting a regular Mimic, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to have that dossier in a normal mission. :neutral_face:

Anyone else unlocked the dossier?.

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I am very happy for you. :smile:

It only took 3 patches :neutral_face:

I might try to get it if I am in the mood.

Thanks for posting that you got it.

I’d rather get the item than the dossier, it doesn’t tell what the item does, but by the description it looks promising as if it were like a Shadow Lord tier item.

I played 3 missions after the patch and it appeared in a regular mimic mission as I mentioned before, then I discovered that I.Galaxy moved the dossier from the world tab to the items tab, maybe it’s a 3.8 bug or maybe they just want us to unlock it once for all.

You get the item by beating Gargos and having over 600,000 when you do it.

600.000… what?, it must not be the final SL score, right? because my best one is 3.599.365 and I had no mask as reward… but I don’t care about the mask anymore… I want the stuff back that the shadow thief stole to us. :cry:

That isn’t he score needed, but it is random.

I feel your pain, I want my items back also.

Okay nice good to know. Then i’ll try it the 60th time to get it… Without hope. :grinning: Thx for info.

I have it now also. I will drop like some common dossier. You don’t need a certain character or quest to get it.