Marvel vs KI

People should seriously think about reading the thread before responding. I’ve answered for this like three times already. Vs games don’t mean they all play and look like MvC. Take a look at CvS, it doesn’t have any of those flashy screens, which imo were the best part about MvC 1 and 2, 3 was the one that took it too extreme.

I say F**K that last thing I need is more Dante and Virgil BS.

I personally just don’t like MVC3 so I’d much rather it never get a cross over with KI.

Now if by some luck MS can perfect an all stars style game (granted from previous attempts made by others it more or less may not do well) then I’d be up for it.

I could see a game like that being awesome provided the Marvel characters functioned in KIs world, meaning that they looked a bit darker and edgier, which I’m sure wouldn’t be an issue, but also worked within the gameplay structure of KI and not MvC. Cris said it in his edit and I agree; the MvC 1 and 2 were awesome, but I see no reason why every fighting game involving Marvel characters would have to be like those games.

If anything, I think it’d be very cool for IG to take a look at those characters and really try and reimagine them gameplay-wise, and how they’d fit their powers and personality in to the gameplay world and story world with our curret heroes, Ultratech and Gargos and what not.

I think that’d be a fun, fresh way to do it, though I’m sure some fans would complain that it’s not just like MvC or that it’s not MvC4 specifically.

Well…they could use the base avatar they use in the ads.

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That’s be interesting.

Just like they can use Box Art Fable guys.

Yeah but I feel like they made it more of a Street Fighter game!