Marvel vs KI

Since anyone who gets the Marvel License can make a game why not make a Marvel vs KI game. It would be a huge boost to the KI characters and make them more reputable. Not only that but those who aren’t willing to try KI might like the VS game enough to try a KI sequel. Air combos will no longer be janky like they currently are in KI.

Anyways, this is just a pipe dream but it would be cool to see Marvel vs Xbox.

Edit: Because people keep asking “I don’t like the way MvC plays or its artstyle” Ki Vs Marvel doesn’t have to look or play like MvC. Same way CvS doesn’t play like MvC. That being said, MvC 1 and 2 were amazing as they were.

In fact if I were to make up the mechanics for the Xbox Vs Marvel game it would be completely different to KI and maybe even make it easier.


Id really like that.

if they did it would feel more like a KI game featuring Marvel Characters than MvC because MvC is a capcom game at the end of the day.

Well it isn’t MvC the same way CvS doesn’t play like MvC.

Nah, the only game I want KI to crossup with is Mortal Kombat.


How’s that work?

There’s a thread about this somewhere where I wrote it… search for it.

Not all that interested really lol

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Not Marvel vs KI, but I’d love to see Iron Fist as a guest or in the Universe in some way. Could be a cool tie-in to the Netflix series to come.

Then don’t waste my time by asking… rudeness!

This one ?

No, it was about KI vs MK. I made a whole list of stuff I’d like to see. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t Imagine, those 2 games play differently!

This so doesn’t sound like a good idea different art totally different game mechanics to each his own but nah. Tbh mk vs ki doesn’t even slums appealing either. Marvel, mk, sf wouldn’t work in a breaker system based game imho.

You’ve never seen street fighter x Tekken?

KI vs Image … Because The Maxx and Spawn

Each vs game has had its own art style, heck the transition between MvC2 and 3 is like day and night. Not only that but those mechanics aren’t even standard SF mechanics. Not only that but like CvS shows, every vs game can have different mechanics and art style. Not just a carbon copy of MvC.

I would not want that. I dont like MvC games gameplay. Those epileptic flashes with 12432578 hits combos, not my thing. I mean KI is flashy but MvC this is german techno club level of flashy.

I honestly would not like to see that. I really have no desire to see Jago’s internal organs.

Honestly MK’s gotten to be so much more graphic in the last couple of iterations aboit the only thing I feel would be a good crossover game would be maybe if they added DOOM demons. Goro vs a Baron…that’d be pretty sweet.

But KI…I’d rather it do something not so gory.

Maybe KI vs MS all-stars. Throw in a couple of Spartans, a few of the larger Covenant aliens (Brute, Elite, Hunter), some characters from GOW (Phoenix, RAAM, generic Locust), maybe get some other devs in on the party…a Dragonborn character, the main character from Sunset Overdrive, and so on.
Heck, they could even throw in Banjo & Kazooie (Considering how Nuts & Bolts started, the same could be done for a KI reimagining of the 2…think B&K Saberwulf-like).

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there is no main character in sunset overdrive (you can create your own guy).