Marvel games future

Max talks about the Marvel games’ future now that Disney has sold the license to make them:

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That’s pretty much how all Disney games are going to be now, right? Hopefully Capcom will be smart and go back & get a slice of that pie, because I would love to see a Chip’N’Dale Rescue Rangers Remastered…that game was fun.

I LOVED that game! :smiley:
But I don’t think Capcom can afford it, considering all their games are funded by outside sources. :confused:

after seeing that I am so very glad I still own ps3 marvel ultimate alliance 2 with psylocke!

Is that even a good game? I’ve never tried it, played the first X-Men Legends with Psylocke in it, but it wasn’t all that good a game.

OMG it’s literally the best iteration of psylocke to date, save the gazillion marvel heroes PC game which I feel borrows heavily from her inclusion.

The overall game is insane as you can control the most X en and marvel characters ever assembled in one game.
Ms marvel Storm psylocke Jean all look awesome and are in fine form, check out game play on YouTube.

I saw where xbox360 is still purchasable. But I’m waiting on backwards compatible announcement

I also saw you added Arkham Knight on ps4. I wanted to take advantage of the $15 back but I didn’t see much to take ,y total to $100 besides buying guilty gear revelator.

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Is she better than in Marvel Heroes?

About the same.
Of course she levels up differently in mh

I can’t. Believe they won’t let ps4 users play.

As cool it is to play Psylocke in Marvel Heroes and games alike, I am just waiting for a new FIGHTING game with her on the roster. The old Marvel/Capcom games were fun with her, but honestly, I find her best fighting game entry to be in X-Men: Next Dimension. The game overall was mediocre, but it was hella fun imo! :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, I am rooting for a new Marvel fighting game with Psylocke playable. <3
And hopefully her newer X-Force look…

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I have Xmen Next Dimension as well. Only thing is the square graphics.
Her moveset and specials were awesome. If the new game incorporated mvc2, xmnd, and mua2 moves with updated graphics it would be awesome.

She deserves psycho blasts and the superior nextdimension mind stab super.

I’d even Lobby for her in a TV series over waiting 5 years for a film


There should be a Marvel vs DC sometime in the future, so the fan wars can spiral further out of control.

Nightwing and Psylocke in the same game… that would be a dream come true.

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Stop I just spit. Lol

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A bit off-topic here, sorry about that:
I’m running an RP campaign with some friends, and they’re soon going to meet up with a pair of twins who I’ve based on Psylocke and Nightwing. They’re both psionics, the sister manifesting her power into daggers she throws at a distance and the brother empowering his batons with psionic energy (kinda like Nightwings electric batons). :3

I will probably draw them soon. ^^

But yeah, back on-topic, it would be awesome. <3

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Sounds awesome

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How about a new Marvel fighting game, Injustice style?

A marvel civil war version of injustice would be insane.

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It wouldn’t make sense to have it “Injustice style”, unless WB/NRS got their hands on the license… and I doubt they would, because of DCU.

Looks like this new Spidey game is the first of many awesome games!

And it’s developed by Insomniac!

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This game looks awesome and is the first real game that makes me want a PS4. I was interested in Deep Down but that thing disappeared like Jimmy Hoffa. What’s with the goofy white spider emblem though? Looks weird.

Anyway, it will be a while before this hits the street.

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