Making the Music for Mira

Celldweller and Atlas Plug take you into the studio for an exclusive look and listen on how they brought the music from the evil, gothic vampire, Mira, into the world of Killer Instinct.

Check out the full blog here:


I’m loving the mira theme.

SO good.
SO SO SO good!

Mick Gordon was an easy 12/10 composer. I dont think anyone will ever touch him. But these guys are doing at least a 9.5/10 job on Season 3. I have been excited for every track so far.

The amount of love you guys are putting into this game is awesome.


I agree, they are doing a great job of giving these characters life then “Killer Instinctizing it” as they mention. Tusk’s theme is easily one of my top 5 in the series overall. The Choir, mixed with guitar, mixed with VIKING BOOM BOOM is just amazing.

she’s Russian? Mayas TWIN sister? I still don’t understand lol but she’s cool

The vampire coven are russian. Mira “died” in siberia


Oh lol I still don’t see how they were twins though lol

they don’t have to be identical to be twins…

Tom Salta can kinda pull off a Dracula… maybe…
Solid work on the track, its fittingly spooky and a real difference from the last 4 (not that I didn’t like those). Amazing stuff, keep it coming, I’m super excited to see the BTS for Gargos’ theme, sounds so brutal.

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Quite a bit of effort was put into this piece and it sounds amazing. :relieved:

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I know they don’t have to be identical but they should have a Little resemblance, like honestly do they look like sisters to you? Everyone says she looks more like Sadiras sister lol. Don’t get me wrong I like the character and all. Its just an observation

The duo are doing a phenomenal job, awesome transition through genres and creating such intense peaks. Although we’re not receiving a vast amount of stages, I think the music hasn’t reached this level of quality.

But yea the music is amazing

The music is incredible, and Tom/Klayton have more than proven themselves worthy of scoring for KI. Always enjoy these little behind the scenes looks as well, that female vocalist has got some serious pipes on her! Amazing to think that comes out of one person.


Yeah dude I said the same thing lol. Simply extraordinary.

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The theme sounds so damn good. :heart_eyes:
So many layers, so many different styles mixed together into a symphony of destruction.

Just the description of what the stage would’ve been though -an “Underground Cathedral”- gives me some delicious Dark Souls vibes and makes me really sad she doesn’t have a stage. A vast cavern, littered with classical gothic/religious architecture…
Oh how dreamy it sounds~

Very nice…best video so far!

Seems the music in S3 is diversifying more. amazing work

I do admit I find the laughing at the end of the theme a bit…iffy. and her hidden theme is nice but I think it’s not as well organized in structure as the rest of the other hidden themes.

Glacius part 2 can’t go wrong

One thing is wrong. That orchestra is in Skopje. Macedonia is in Greece. Thanks