The fact that you replied this way to my post makes me think you missed the point of it.

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I’d like to see St.MK being +6 on hit. That one-frame-link into St.LK is a little too hard.

If you find an opportunity to jump in safely, than j.HP, St.MK, St.LK xx whirl has 2 nice frame traps. St.MK doesn’t look like it’s +2 on block.


Trust me it’s plus in block. Lol


Yes I know. That’s why it’s a good frame trap.

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Which one frame link are you referring to?

Also, can you elaborate on those two frame traps you mentioned? Maybe you can link a video or a match where they are used? I’m trying to work on my Kan-ra lately and you are one of the best I have seen, would like to work these frame traps into my regular play, just need to know a bit more info.


St.MK is +5 on hit. That’s why you can combo into St.LK which is a 5 frame move.

The whole block string is:
j.HP or j.HK, St.MK, St.LK xx whirl.

So let’s say your opponent blocks the j.HP.
St.MK would be the first frame trap. It’s +2 on block, so the following St.LK would be the 2nd frame trap.

Oh, in case St.MK hits as a counter hit, it is +7 or +8 or something, which makes the link into St.LK easy.

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Disclaimer: this post is not me making a list of ways I think kan-ra should be buffed. It’s just me noting the weaknesses he has that stuck out the most to me while playing him. Maybe some of them could stand to be changed, maybe not.

The first thing that sticks out is the fact that he doesn’t have anything he can do to create breathing room in a frame-neutral situation. The fact that his light attacks are unchainable and minus means he’s especially bad at recovering from a scramble situation and getting his gameplan started again. All his non-light normals are really slow, so they’re not real options in that kind of situation.

He also suffers a lot from damage scaling–almost every good move kan-ra has is multiple hits, and his linkers have worse-than-normal scaling. As a result, I find that entering the combo system rarely feels worthwhile. Going for resets and ending combos with shadow sand generally feels like the best way to apply kan-ra’s offense. It doesn’t help that his enders are pretty underwhelming. His damage ender is maybe slightly above average but his launcher and wallsplat enders just suck, giving him almost no time to follow up with anything.

Between these two weaknesses–his inability to take command of scramble situations and the things hampering his damage output–he struggles to recover after making a mistake, and has serious difficulty making comebacks.

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you said it best.


His old version of shadow spike pushed the opponent to half screen and was safe or plus, right? The new shadow spike is pretty clearly a better move, but if he also had the option to use the old one he’d be able to spend a bar to turn a scramble situation back into one where he’s at a range he likes. Maybe make the regular shadow spike input get old shadow spike, and holding the buttons gets the new shadow spike.


Old shadow spike was useless. I never saw it used for any reason, ever.


In season 2 light swarm was +7 and shadow swarm always spawned bugs. There would’ve been no reason to use it then when you had those options.


I guess I can see how it would be useful for regaining a little space, but…I dunno, I still doubt it would help much.


Yeah it wouldn’t be huge. IMO giving him a chainable light, probably 5LK, would be a much bigger buff, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

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I agree with this.


Yes that would be nice, but you can just buffer the st.LK into whirl and still be safe on block.

I’d like St.LK to combo into swarm. At least on counter hit.


That doesn’t accomplish the same thing. Both leave you at -2, but if you could mash out 2 or 3 LKs on block you’d be able to push yourself away from a range you REALLY don’t want to be at. Whirl puts you back into a bad range, at a disadvantage.

Kan-ra would be a MUCH better character if he had better options to get away from the opponent. Doesn’t have to be a reversal, just a way to create space.


Good point. You are definitely right about that distance.