I would like to continue playing kanra but it’s not easy competing with him at high level. Sure I can win with him in rank/social but against real competitor it pretty much a Gamble. I feel like I always have to play picture perfect, not making any mistakes, while other characters litaray running over him, because I made one single mistake. I’ve tried playing “The S3 Kanra style” without complaining but it’s not getting me the results I want! I truly won’t kanra to stand up for himself again. This has gone on for quite awhile now IG hope you guys help him out a little bit more. I have been waiting patiently for greatness for my kanra to receive that one thing I can run with but don’t see it and probably want at this point, but it’s nice to hope, and maybe one month I’ll see something that will get me over this devastating spot with him! (By the way kanra has the worst instinct in the game) imo ~rework would be nice :smile:


I have prove, I can play mulituple characters at high level, While one or two players in this community struggling to maintain one at high level. I Really love this game a lot, but consistent changes to each of my characters that I play changes dramastically from the last patch forcing me to adapt too a new way of playing with these characters MONTHLY is kinda annoying and misleading…

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I still wonder why you picked Kan-Ra vs Nicky at SCR. Especially after the things you just wrote. This gotta be one of the worst match ups in the game.

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To many changes with arbiter and glay had no other choice… My kanra could do it just a bit rusty is all. Even though the mu is greatly in his favor!! Nicky plays reckless I could win I’ve done it before


I lost because I didnt counter break him more! He was dead 5x lol but counter breakers just don’t work for me anymore, so I rarely threw them out



After 2 years and a half of unpaid loyalty, I think we have the right to divorce after disappointments of s3, a wedding just can not resist with the hope, there is mutual respect for both sides. when this is not the case, better to stop

we are not all in the same line with the devs :neutral_face:


Karna has only two winning match this season which is sadira still, and raam I believe everyone else destroys him like 6-4 70% of the cast with little 5-5’s (retype)

Good point

i mean by these ( they makes changes without care about what the child likes to do with his toy) and too many injustice in this game, like the maya daggers after missed dp. i can understand it but maybe leave it after shadow dp or even in instinct to let her some more options.
in this game now since s3 they are characters with complete tools and damages and meanwhile others are in struggles.

complete tools everywhere IMO (damages,staggers,recapture,flip out etc) some of these characters have more than 3 of all thise options, but when it come to give it to others " its a big problm)

TJ combo, thunder, jago, hisako, fulgore,riptor aganos,orchid, spinal, wulf ,cinder, glacius all these OP S3

what i mean by complete tools ( they can kill you without doit anything really proffessional)

and all the rest have to work more and more and more to get cheap cashout and try to make a vortex with a cheap flip out , then u got people like ""OMG OP VORTEX please nerf "" thats so annoying to me

Just try to take car of your kan ra, cause if don’t do that, nobody are goin to do it for you.
GOOD LUCK!!! bye :pensive:

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Well, to be fair you do tend to gravitate towards characters that have really really strong tech. It seems that your own taste in characters is what’s forcing you to deal with the monthly changes more than others. I literally haven’t had to adjust any of my characters in months because I play weaker members of the cast.

But yeah, never thought I’d say this but Kan-ra needs something. He’s just sort of there, taking up space, a shell of his former self.


He was a miracle-worker once, but now he’s just cursed.


You make me sad now… : (

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Kan-Ra is in a difficult position. At one point he was the boogeyman of Killer Instinct; even if he wasn’t omnipresent like Jago, an overwhelming majority of the community feared him. He was an decent counter pick against a number of characters, and people just didn’t know how to deal with him.

So unsurprisingly he got nerfed into the ground and his pool of players has been dwindling ever since. There are still a few standout examples, but Kan-Ra is definitely up there with the most difficult to use characters in the game.

I think he could use a little tender love and care. Nothing too good, since his design can be frustrating, but something to bring back that a little bit of the fear so many of us used to have.


My top change list at the moment:

Get rid of all his bugs and inconsistencies

Give shadow clutch it’s damage back.

Sandsplosion instinct cancel.

One of his shadow moves should be projectile invincible.

Get rid of the j.swarm high restrictions. Let us tiger knee those swarms

Give him an overhead.
Use back+mp for it or make j.mk xx swarm his ghetto overhead (see point above)

Remember that buggy clutch damage early season 3? I want that damage for his AA clutches. If I read your jump you gotta pay


You guys are great! I’m glad we can agree too disagree on this topic

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Fair enough.

The problem is you can’t balance him vs all levels of players. Kan-Ra just destroys you if you don’t know what’s going on. I win most of my matches and sometimes I feel sorry for my victims. I can’t even blame them for not doing there homework becaus of how rare he is.
If you don’t know what to do and you let me roll I build walls on the screen that put Aganos to shame. I flip you out and clutch you like a rollercoster. My opponents rage quit on me all the time. They don’t know what to do. They see no oponing. And they start crying for nerfs like in S2.

But than there are those players that did their homework.
They know that Ra’s best moves and his walls are just projectiles.
They know, that his only option in juggle or flip out situations are light attacks.
They know it is better to dash in than dash back at the beginning of the match vs Ra.
They know, that they need to bait out that sandsplosion.
They know that he is negative on almost everything.

And than it get’s really hard for us Ras

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As a note, a 4.5-5.5 matchup isn’t an example of anyone getting destroyed. A decent case could be made that a character wth consistent 4.5-5.5 MU’s across the cast is more viable than one who has 3 or 4 7-3 MU’s.

On the other stuff, I dunno guys. Kan-Ra doesn’t get to make too many mistakes at high level, I get it. But he’s not the only low margin-for-error character in the cast, and I’d argue that some of them (Aganos for example) have it much worse than him if they get caught with their pants down. Nor is he the only character with a dearth of winning MU’s…how many fights does Kim outright win?

A character with half-screen normals and half screen command grabs (that also have AA versions) probably doesn’t need a grounded overhead. Fix all his bugs, please do. TK’d scarabs, sure, why not? Instinct cancel on sandsplosion again, perhaps. The ability to open you up high, low, or command grab? I don’t think you can convince me of that one. Ditto for his utterly batshit-crazy previous cashout for shadow clutch - a character that gets as much damage from range as Kan-Ra has no business getting 70% on a lockout.


IG really dug themselves a hole with some of these characters…

Like how tf can they balance characters that are so complex and frustrating to fight?

I agree with Storm on the final paragraph.

Also, @F3Sleep, I actually was really impressed with how your match with Nicky went. You did a great job setting up scarabs to prepare for his teleports.

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Kan-Ra could(COULD, NOT SURE) need a pair of things(instinct cancel from sandsplosion seems acceptable), besides fixing bugs, but overall he is mostly fine