#make sadira instinct great again

im getting the feeling that you are a gargos hater :confused:

■■■■■ Gargos. I use Gorga…

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I agree, her instinct is much more deadly than half the casts instinct… not sure why she needs a better instinct.

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After playing with 3.4 Sadira for a few weeks, I’m sorry to say that I still feel she is missing something. Infil mentioned that Sadira still needs a slight damage buff, and I tend to agree. Over the course of S3 she has evolved into an incredibly technical character and it seems for every 3 to 4 combos that I do, the other cast can do one or two and get the same amount of damage.

My point is this… I have to work a LOT harder to get the win than a lot of the other cast. Also battles against characters like Fulgore, Gargos, Cinder… are almost needlessly painful. I’m not talking about Bad MU painful… I’m talking about just learn a different character bad MU.

I honestly love the new tools, but it would be nice if she had a few ways to get more damage.

Cinder can be just a frustrating as Sadira in terms of mobility, but at least he has ways to get big damage, IF you use him right.

I think Sadira needs something like that.


this has nothing to do with Sadira and everything to do with those 3 characters themselves. i have trouble with those 3 mainly and I dont use Sadira.

Adapt. Learn. Improve.


Ideally, that should be the drive of every player. I know its mine. I’m always learning new tech. I follow a few good Sadira mains and study the combos they use and such, but even then, it seems like Sadira has to work her tail off just to get ahead.

I think this is where a lot of Sadira people are falling by the way side. In the past she was fun to use and deadly. Almost anybody could pick her up and enjoy her, while people like me, Vertigo, and a few others dug deep into her crazy Instinct cancels and such.

While she is still fun to play, she isn’t easy to use and use well at high level play.

Bro you took like weeks to notice something so obvious ? i noticed it after 78h non stop playing her like crazy since patch 3.4. and all i feel was a big frustation because we have(sadira players) to use flip out over and over, when others dont always use it.( i play aria now and believe me, she have a flip out too but i usually never use it , because i can kill without it.( thats just a exemple)

thats the big problem. i feel this too when the wulf was nerfed. but thank god he got buff on shadow eclipse. thats exactly this kind of buff sadira need to be properly viable. buff on the damage ender or on the shadow recluse…

cinder in not only the one , cause rash can properly finish you after his juggles, and if you noticed ““he do have a flip out but i never saw someone use it”” .why? because he can kill without it!
and thats something the @developers should understand. :expressionless:

EXactly shes not for noob. i remember when the patch 3.4 came out i saw in the first 2 weeks manny sadira players coming back in the game. with hope that would be the right buff, but after 3 weeks they disapears, i see less and less now. tho thats so fun to play mirror matchs sadira vs sadira . but ok :sweat:

Sadira’s problems go far beyond just damage buffs. Some characters just need to be redesigned.

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I’m not so sure. A character like Sadira, who relies on landing lots of mix-ups, by design has to work hard to win. I don’t think that’s a flawed design if that character has tons of potent tools to get those many successful openings, which I believe Sadira does.

I think her main problem is how many successful openings she needs to win, and doesn’t go much beyond that. If that could be reduced by just a bit, she’d be :+1:.

I don’t think she’s flawed in design. I think characters like Gargos and Fulgore are broken by design. Nerfing them isn’t the solution, because all that does it make their mains angry and still doesn’t resolve some of the core complaints about these fights.

In terms of Sadira’s design goes… I think its fine. She just needs better ways to get damage versus doing 6000 combos per match.

I like how we’ve stopped talking about her instinct and went back to complaints about damage again.


There’s nothing wrong with her Instinct other than random wackiness that sometimes happens with webs not opening, but instances like that, while annoying, are rare.

With all the tools she has, I don’t think she needs a huge damage buff, but even Infil agrees that she’s biting more like a Grand Daddy Long Legs spider, versus a Black Widow.

If Infil says it… its LAW! :smiley:

I just want a little bit more reward for doing a great combo.

She has quite a bit of damage potential, jump cancel manuals or auto doubles do quite a bit while in instinct. She has very good vortex potential. People having issues with having to use flip out or whatever, why complain about playing to a characters strengths? Use what makes your character strong. Flipout does more for her than it did for Thunder and Tj and it did a lot for them too. Her mobility and height control are how you take advantage of matches. You can potentially be immune to anti airs if you play properly. Not to mention the dirtiest crossup game in the business. If she gets airborne it almost makes you want to play Cinder sometimes. She is soo slippery that most characters only get stray pokes for damage vs her.

DAAMMM Brah! lol :relaxed: :heart_eyes: i like the way you answered this one, that let just think that ( sadira players ) are usually not (complainers or peoples asking others characters nerfs ) cause we respects all peoples behind theses characters and we are awaiting the same.

i Just dont know what to say, thats so true! :astonished: shes miss 6000 combos per matchs and even it dont always finish the opponents, then peoples complaint “”“blah blah blah sadira. this …sadira that…”"""":weary:

daaam, now you are really a sider lover :kissing_heart:,( could no give better sample")
the take your time spider vs the killer machine spider

You…actually wrote that…I can’t even…

You do realize the only thing you’ve been doing on these forums the past few months is complain, right?


but thunder can kill you without even use it!

same for tj he can kill you without use it too( i mean theses characters have enough setup damages to kill without flip out and usually use it for vortex)

what about cinder and rash?:unamused: they have high mobility too in juggles but thatsn’t a reason to dont have damages. just think twice before judge the mobility please. :relieved:

What are you even trying to argue here? You keep saying Sadira has to rely on flipout (which she doesn’t, she’s kicked my a** and others before she got it) yet say it doesn’t matter that these other characters have it because they “don’t need it.” So is it useless or not? You are contradicting yourself in the same post.

Also, Sadira can avoid anti-airs way easier than Cinder or Rash. And Cinder does less damage than Sadira, not counting burnout. Also, Sadira safer on block approaches, faster crossups, and good footsies (Rash has better, Cinder has far worse).