#make sadira instinct great again

HELLO guys, its been a while since i posted for her,

@developers @TempusChaoti is it possible to get back all us mobility and faculty to juggles after all moves ““only in instinct””? i mean after medium recluse and also heavy recluse just like in s2 and also after the recluse ender, because of all these nerfs shes so blocked to the same over and over setups, we need us mixup potential back in instinct.


Also yall dont want to buff slightly that damages lack problems in enders and force us to use flipout more than any other characters in the game , and its very frustrating for boths players,

and i feel like she should have a reversal to make her even with the rest of the cast some reason like she dont do enought damages and have bad defense tools so can we have a reversal on the heavy recluse please

And this is my last solutions for help her cause i feel like i lost all my strenght tryin to help someone NOBODY LIKE but peoples just hate on her!

ALMOST thank you. @TempusChaoti @TheKeits please papi’s help us.

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I disagree. She’s already annoying in Instinct Mode as is.

No need to cause online panic with any more changes.


Just stop. Please.

I’m not saying this cause I hate Sadira. I’m saying it cause your reasoning is flawed.

I’d like you to give me one way her mixup potential is worse in instinct than before. Because, as far as I’m aware, it’s far better. Since S1, she has recieved:
-salticide, which lets her do as many ambiguous crossups as she pleases without touching the ground
-flipout both from the ground and the air
-hard knockdown ender in the form of recluse (which is why it no longer juggles)

Your whole discussion on whether Sadira needs better damage or a reversal is opinion based and completely debatable, so I’m not going to touch that. But how about we keep from saying incorrect stuff and exaggerating, ok?


Her instinct is more or less the same as it ever was. Flipout and saticidae don’t really figure into how good it is one way or the other, as they don’t actually play all that well with her instinct. It’s slightly less damaging than it used to be b/c web damage was nerfed, but the actual mixups you get off it are the same.

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Pretty sure flipout->heavy blade demon while placing a web on their landing spot wasn’t in S1/2…

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It wasn’t. I just think that isn’t a great use of her instinct. I might be misunderstanding the sequence there though, because that doesn’t sound very good.

I know I haven’t personally found any really great uses for flipping people out or using saticidae while in instinct. I’d rather just get the knockdown and place the web on top of someone. It reminds me of how people go for swaggy Hisako full wrath combos, which are a decidedly sub-optimal way to use her instinct. I’m admittedly less familiar with Sadie than Sako though, so I suppose I could be missing something on that score.

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I think he meant blade demon, not recluse. Flip them out, drop a web, and cross under with blade demon. It also works with a dash in some situations.

I think flipout aids sadira’s instinct in two main ways–she gains access to these new mixups with her webs, and by extension is more able to play around the heavily nerfed damage of webs with flipout resets that result in less lost PD. I think there’s a case to be made that the web damage was overnerfed at the start of season 3, so being able to go for a web mixup with good PD already on them means those mixups aren’t as big a hit on your combo damage.

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Oops, my bad. You’re right lol

Great again? You mean "I hit a web from fullscreen and I’m essentially stuck for an eternity and sadira gets full screen combos?

I dunno… I mean sure it was nice at the time and I did miss it but…a little TOO lenient now if you ask me.

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Sadira’s Instinct is plenty powerful as is, especially when coupled with her new changes.
And if you’re looking for damage, it helps there too.


@Fwufikins this is exactly the reason i asked for the changes in instinct as back in s2, in s2 you could do it without any difficulty but in s3 since idont know what happens she feel so blocked on one side and don’t turn quick enough for catch the opponent…

and also i can do this too but … bro its so difficult to do since s3 changes . its exactly the reason i asked for instinct changes so we can feel a lil bit free in movements( back in s2 she could do it without any difficulty but @Fwufikins bruh :disappointed: please go on practice and try to do this, its just become so difficult to execute.

i dare you to do that in instinct and send me the video please do it 4 times in a row then let me know .

also send me your gamertag i need to see that please.

and dont forget that @UATBNDaymein is a big spider queen. he could tell you how difficult it become to do this one.

First time seeing that. I actually think this might have always been possible if it only requires jump-cancelling.


lol lol in S2 this one was so easy to execute but since S3 thats very difficult to do , very very very very very VERY difficult she seem like bloked on the floor and dont want to turn quick enough. and thats a big problem. @BHswordsman09 and the reason why imma asking a lil more respect in ““INSTINCT”” thats no too much asking i thing , cause now we are forced to play her like a basic character with always the same moves and setups over and over.

Even if they dont wanna buff the slightly the damage but at last let us use us setups as before (back in s2)

only pro sadira players could understand that. :disappointed:

I would only give one buff to Sadira right now.

I would give Sadira the option of selecting the direction of Shadow Web Cling as wake up.

Example, Sadira is in the left corner, gets knocked down. On wake up, she uses Shadow web cling, and she jumps to the left, so she is easily Option Select.

But what if you can choose to go to the right side? It would be harder to punish, and would put her out of the corner. It still can be OSed, but it’s harder

It would be as easy as pressing the opposite direction in the moment you get the screen freeze.


OMG !!!

i love you so much( you see there are so little important changes to bring to her to make her really viable without been OP.
NERFS is ok but at last let us us maximums tools.

@Dayv0 i feel so upset when i use her. BTW :wink: thank you glacius cause i beated your gargos 3 times these week ahahha :yum: after beated you you came back with aganos. lol its was really a good fight against aganos.
even against aganos iam affraid to pick sadira s3.( too much work for nothing) lol ggs
im nope gonna give you my other Gt :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so i could continue beat your gargos with glacius ahahha:kissing_heart: KISSS


I don’t understand anything XD

lol nothing really important i wanted only to disturb you with that :relieved: now i have someone for beat gargos .:kissing_heart:

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@Dayv0 The problem with that idea is that it makes Sadira’s wakeup inherently better because a lot of OS’ for her wakeup will no longer work. Sadira’s hard enough to catch as it is, she doesn’t need a better wakeup.

Of course it would make Sadira’s wake up better. But after all, it can still OSed, is a shadow metered reversal(not always avaible), and in most cases, it leads to neutral, not so frequently in Sadira’s favor.

But maybe you are right and I’m just rambling

Thinking about S3 changes to Sadira, I come to believe that one of the changes that hurt her was the change of combo breakers. Maybe she was able to take more advantage than the average from breaking a combo.

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Can you actually explain to us WHY the setups you are referring to no longer work? We’re still missing that necessary piece of information.

I’d also appreciate if you could write in a readable format, as well.