Make it so that we can shadow counter teabags in S3

I think they are all equally important.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Season 3 is getting delayed to April because we are adding in SHADOW COUNTERS AGAINST TBAG. HOW WILL THIS WORK? THEY TBAG YOU AND YOU CAN ACTIVATE THE SHADOW COUNTER. EVEN INBETWEEN ROUNDS WHERE IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE A PERIOD OF READJUSTMENT AND A FEW SECONDS OF REST. Great idea dude. New characters and shadow countering teabags are equally important. I rather they just work on new characters and stuff rather than adding in shadow counters against tbags which doesn’t even make sense due to the property of shadow counters. Are you that mad at tbaggers?

As with most arguments you are both wrong.
Black machine, you need to stop letting T-baggers get to you. just use their attitude as motivation to get better. Or if you REALLY cant stand it, use the xbox’s player rating system to “avoid” them. (it actually works most of the time.)

Sasuke, Ive seen you all over the forums, man. you should know better than to argue with an angry person. Especially in valuable forum space. If you dont agree, just stop responding and let the topic either die, or get removed.

T-bagging will never stop. But if you can get to a point where it doesnt bother you, you will then have reached a POWERFUL state of mind where NO-ONE can get to you with mind games. I think we should all strive to get to that point.

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lol i am all for teabagging. I aint no snitch either. I think its part of the game. So, since we can teabag I think we might as well incorporate it into our strategies. Give meter for teabagging and let the man on the ground counter it if possible.

no but you seem pretty mad.

T-bagging ALREADY is incorporated. Its a show of disrespect, and a mind-game.
Depending on what kind of player you are, getting T-bagged can either make you play better, get you mad and make you play worse, or not effect you at all.

A single move that can change the attitude of your opponent is a strong enough tool already. It doesn’t need any more attention drawn to it.

Lol. Sorry if I seemed angry. I spent way too much time on the youtube comments. I do think that instead of tbagging giving meter and them being able to be countered,taunts seem like they would fit the role better.

countering taunts would be pretty cool too.

I feel like it could be enhanced. it would be ground breaking to do IMO.

Ok, im sorry, but im not contributing to this any more.

My vote is: No. Please do not do this, KI devs.

Thats the last post im making to this crazy topic.

I have a feeling a 3rd strike style taunt could work but not for anyone. Maybe make this a trait for a new character.

Parry Tbags like Daigo:

How about letting the downed opponent punch or kick straight up in the air, and if it hits the opponent, it knocks them away from you, but the hit itself takes off no power? This way both the downed player and the taunting player can defile one another, but it adds some extra challenge to the bagging for the taunting offense while giving the taunting defense something to do.

Plus,the taunting defense will be able to knock the opponent back, which might provide a slight advantage when the round starts, and if they miss, it’ll look like they’re on the ground pouting and that’s LOL. :slightly_smiling:

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How about an instant kick in the balls that downs the opponent for a moment. Between rounds this could mean a subtle tactical advantage, but nothing serious. Should be just enough to discourage tea bagging if it bothers you a lot.

I’ve got the perfect solution. Every time someone presses down between rounds they lose 50% of their health until they lose their health bar. If they do this after winning the match your character gets back up and knocks them out giving you the win.

How about if you press down between or after rounds,you automatically lose?

lol I don’t think we should. Encourage teabagging lol

Lol I like the idea…just as long as it doesn’t give damage

They actually have this in MK X!!! It gets me every time…I duck and i loose life like WTF???

If they incorporated this…your Shadow will loose a lot of matches.

That seems like a small amount of health. Should be 150%.

Maybe this match AND the next match you play? Like you and your opponent start off and you automatically fall down. All your opponent can do is sit there and think… Shouldn’t have bagged, man. Shouldn’t have bagged.