Make it so that we can shadow counter teabags in S3

Even if youre in between rounds. Thanks.

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Why not. It isn’t like that would be a waste of meter or anything since they can just block it.

I completely get the teabagger-hate, but this doesn’t make any sense to me. Hoping this is a joke thread.

Teabagging has too many plus frames to be shadow countered.

That is why. Let it happen. Let them try and watch them waste their meter.

Do you guys not understand “Make it so that we can”?

Sure. Make it so you can. You can make it go out but will it hit? Nope.

You wanted to shadow counter teabags. I saod sure but doesn’t mean it would have to be a successful shadow counter. You are asking what would the point be. What is the point of shadow countering tbags may I ask? T-baggins has to many plus frames so unless you increase how fast shadow counters are,they can block it. If you make it faster,it would break the game as you can pretty much shadow counter anything successfully. You can’t shadow counter a bunch of jabs successfully and jabs take longer than a t-bag. If they did it,you can shadow counter but they can just block it.

No, actually the whole point of me making this post about “being able to shadow counter teabags” would be for it to be successful. Arguing about how it wouldnt work because it wouldnt connect is stupid because… I made a topic called where this was possible. I dont come up into your dreams telling you how this isnt how this works. I didnt come up in here asking them to make jabs shadow counterable or to break the game. No, I simply said, make it so that you can counter teabags. Get over it.

also, make it so that giving teabags gives you meter and when youre countered you are in a lock out. thanks.

If you make it so you can Shadow Counter T-bags,you would also be able to shadow counter jabs. Tbags are faster than jabs. By frame data,if the opponwnt can block the shadow counter after a jab,they can with a tbag as well. Plus shadow countering between rounds is stupid,even if you are shadow countering a tbag. The in between rounds is meant as a quick break and a time to readjust. Not do damage. Making it possible would break the game. You make t-bags shadow counter-able and pretty much everything that you do that isn’t a single hit can be successfully shadow countered.

how about this? Imagine this. Just try to imagine it. A situation where you can shadow counter teabags and it doesnt effect the rest of the game. Sit on it for a little while and let me know if you get it.

So they are still problems with this. How do they tell the difference between a tea bag and Maya collecting daggers by the ducking method? Plus doing it inbetween rounds wouldn’t be right as I explained above. Plus Shadow Counters require a hit to activate and another hit for the attack to come out. Unless tbagging does hits,shadow countering is impossible as it wouldn’t be a shadow counter unless they change shadow counters and their activation.

Imagine this. Just try to imagine it. They change the way shadow counters work and their activation WHILE YOURE LAYING ON THE GROUND and SOMEONE IS TEABAGGING YOU. Think about it. Can you get that?

Again how can they tell the difference between a Teabag and certain moves.

Sounds like a waste of development time. Just close your eyes… or look away… or just don’t let tea baggers get to you… that’s why they do it. The fact that your want to shadow counter it mean they are winning…even beyond the game lol

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I dont care how they do it.

dont assume this.

This is the dumbest thread ive ever seen

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I have a question. Would you rather they work on the characters,stages,balancing,etc or add shadow countering tbags for you because you don’t like getting tbagged.