Make heavy linkers use heavy buttons?

The reason I bring this up is because pressing an attack button is simple in every part of a combo except for linkers. Not only do you have to press a different strength (either light or medium), but you also have to hold it down for a certain number of frames so that it registers as a heavy linker.

The devs encountered a similar problem with how Fulgore’s auto-triples functioned in Season 1:

They felt it was too ‘awkward’ of an input, so the same reasoning applies here.

Make it so that tapping heavy once activates the linker while double-tapping cancels its startup into an ender. The cancel window should be just small enough so that you cannot cash out damage after the the first hit of the linker. Though that is one solution.

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So… let’s say someone guess breaks heavy in the 3-4 frames it takes for you to release heavy and press it again to get the ender. What should the game do? Credit them with a break? Not allow them to break until after the window? Should the game kara cancel heavy linker to ender as a result? (I’m actually not too sure how they handle this problem currently while they wait for the button to be held, but it’s a little different because you’re changing light or medium linker to heavy linker, which are both breakable, unlike heavy linker to ender)

The main reason they put the heavy button as an ender, IMO, is because beginners who mash will more likely end up finishing a combo (and be able to duplicate it) because heavy is a common button for them to mash. Sure, sometimes they might mash within the correct timing to trigger the ending with your change, but if the timing is really tight (as you’re proposing), it won’t make a ton of sense to them when they try to do it again and it sometimes doesn’t work. Because heavy linkers are way less important than enders for beginners, to me the input makes sense.

I also feel like double-tapping is hard for some people on controller (especially heavy buttons, which are the bumper/trigger by default). It probably feels really awkward for them to do that.

I’m not sure there’s a good solution here, but the current way they do it is probably the “least bad” IMO.

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Hmm… but if a player tries to guess break before a linker is active, the game punishes them with an orange lockout. The ender is guaranteed to land at that point.

If double-tapping is not a good way to accommodate beginners then maybe holding heavy for the same amount of frames to trigger the ender is a better solution?

My solution? Get an elite controller later this year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This doesnt help at all. You still need to hold a button no matter how many different buttons you have on the controller.

How does this help exactly? Holding down the button isn’t that bad. Double tapping seems like it would drop more than what we already have.


The heavy linkers are mentally a bit challenging but not very difficult to pull off, and they still leave you plenty of time for the next input. I think the problem with Fulgore was closer to the issue you would see with double tapping. Instead of having to hit the auto once, and then having the full span of the auto double to do the inputs for the linker, you had to hold it until you were certain the third hit was coming out - leaving you much less time for the next linker. I think the timing plus having to do a motion followed by a double tap would be gymnastics for some people.

I appreciate the idea. I just don’t think it will help.

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Since the SNES, my lights were bumpers/paddles. Heavy are usually where X and A are, Mediums Y and B.
… And now left side is my taunt an combo inputs, the right side my lights.

I gotta admit, I think having to hold a button for a heavy move may be what is causing me to execute unwanted moves due to negative triggering…

However, I know about it and therefore I can either adapt or get my timing down better (maybe replace my stick switches in my stick, which I prefer as I kill gamepads.)

Have to lean towards this;

I don’t really have an alternative but I dislike holding the button for heavy linkers too.


It’s simple - the controller itself is programmable. :wink:


It’s not. You can’t program the controller to do something by pressing instead of holding. You just can program the buttons ABXY RB RT LB LT to the paddles but its always gonna be press. If you change A B X or Y to a paddle you have to hold the paddle to do the heavy linker


You can program the controller to specific actions for specific games using an app that’s included with the controller - I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to believe that it would be possible. Keep an open-mind - that’s what I always say. :wink:

99% sure that it isn’t possible.


…we shall see… :tongue:

I had thought you could break linkers on startup, but it turns out yes, you’re right; you can only break auto-doubles on startup. You get orange lockouts if you break the linker early. (This actually will change my gameplan against mash breakers… after openers I don’t see any real reason to ever use an auto-double against them now)

I think it still makes it unnecessarily annoying to double-tap in that small linker startup window, though. Especially since enders are so crucially important to the combo system, you don’t want people accidentally not getting their enders.

The old way still forces the player to press a different strength. That just isn’t as intuitive as having heavy linker assigned to a heavy button.

I’m leaning towards tapping heavy = heavy linker while holding it = ender. No more than once would the player need to hold a button during a combo except for character specific traits.

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