Make heavy linkers use heavy buttons?

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Wait, what? OMG… You guys just told me something about KI that I didn’t know, even after all of these months of playing the game! This actuallly explains A LOT. Thanks! :smiley:

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Personally I don’t think we need this. Just hold medium or light buttons to do heavy linkers. It becomes second nature with practice :3


The goal is to make the combo system more standardized. Heavy auto-doubles, manuals and openers are tied to the same two buttons. Why make heavy linkers the only input that is inconsistent with how the others are performed?

Because heavy buttons are used for enders. It’s been that way for a long time now. Since the beginning. To do this will make things confusing for everyone and you can expect a bit of back-lash from this.

Besides it’s really not hard to do heavy linkers. Just hold the medium button down. It only takes a bit of practice.

While I can understand your reason behind it. Changing it will not be any more helpful as a whole.

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Yeah. Folks think people get salty from character updates? Imagine the backlash of you were to change the controls for the entire game. All the people who already put in the effort to learn the mechanics would be s.crewed.
Besides, keeping linkers to the face buttons and enders to the heavy shoulder and trigger is good for consistency.

The only thing that bothers me is that you’ll get a heavy linker by holding down EITHER lights or mediums. It should be one or the other.

Look on the bright side: you get a choice of whatever you feel is more comfy.

Another thing.

I play on Pad. I set my Heavy buttons to the shoulder buttons. I don’t think I’d have much fun having to press that twice for an Ender.

Should be optional obviously.

This is actually a good thing, because a) certain people feel more comfortable doing different things, and b) it means you can “option select” against your own mistakes better. For example, if I try to do a manual into heavy wind kick linker with Jago, I’m going to hold the light kick button. If I drop the manual, then light wind kick will come out (which is safer on block than medium). For other characters it might be the medium button they should use for various reasons.

Wow I never thought about that. That actually is really helpful. I’ll have to keep this in mind while practicing manuals, just in case!

It’s the same way with enders, by the way. For some characters, their enders in neutral act differently. Take for example ARIA in blade body; her Allegro special move (the DP) is only a DP for the light version. The medium is that 3-hit rekka thing that is safe on block, but both light and medium buttons will act as enders in a combo (because Allegro is not a linker). If you’re trying to do manual into DP ender with Aria, you should probably always use the medium button to input it, so you get a safe on block special if you drop the manual.

Yea that makes sense. Definitely gonna encourage me to think a lot more about this as I try to learn manuals consistently. So with Cinder his options are Inferno, fireflash and Pyrobombs, since those can only act as enders. Inferno is unsafe though so that wouldn’t be a good choice, unless you have shadow meter to cancel to shadow inferno I guess. fireflash isnt the best choice either I guess. Maybe Pyrobombs? I’m not sure how good an option that’d be. You get a bomb on them, and i think it’s safe enough, so that might be the best choice… sorry just thinking aloud… with my fingers I mean… anyway. Thanks for the info!