Make classic music selectable in regular matches

Since season 3 lets us choose what song plays no matter what stage you fight on, I think it would be great to let players choose the classic music for all other modes besides practice.

Of course the classic music wouldn’t be dynamic like the current music but I don’t think most players would care. I imagine it would be relatively easy to implement since the songs are already in the game and wouldn’t have to be reworked to make them dynamic.


Agreed. I’d love to see this too. It’d be a nice option, no doubt.

This should’ve been a thing as soon as they made music selectable.

Classic music would be neat as SL unlockables at least.

Great idea for unlockables!

Is this a possibility @developers

WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE DONT CARE? I care about it being dynamic, I made these suggestions months ago and no one said anything. Smh

To make it as dynamic as the classics can get play the whole song throughout when one player gets to danger the danger theme of the classic plays.

For Gargos theme when P1 gets to danger the danger 1 theme plays and when both players are in danger than the final danger 2 of Gargos theme plays.

All they have to do is chop up the sequences and program it in the same way as they make the current themes

Make it happen

KI Feeling on Astral Plane stage FTW


I really wish classic themes could be selectable, they have not aged a bit.


Yes please.

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Yes to this too, there is nothing wrong with having more choice.

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Yeah dynamic would be preferable, for consistency’s sake, if nothing else. I think it’d be rather jarring, if it weren’t, to be honest. Would it I take the regular song over nothing? Sure. But some type of ramp, up ending notes, etc would be appreciated at least. I’d be willing to forego the ultra effects if absolutely necessary, but it’d be cool to have those as well.

I’m not sure if that’s all they’d have to do, but that alone sounds really nice. Really hope it happens too!

Yes the current themes are edited into siuational segments😬

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Music editing 101

How do you th the current game music is programmed down from 12 minutes long compositions?

ever opened garage band?

This would take a ton of work; they would need to remake every theme completely simply because the originals were not long enough to be dynamic.

Most of original KI tracks have a 5 second start-up followed by a 30 second loop; after the second loop have a 10 second low point. (SOME of the Killer Cuts renditions have a bit more to their main loop, but they mostly just add another sound layer to the second loop, or add longer start-ups).
The current KI themes have a 20 second pre-fight segment, a 5 second start-up, 1-3 primary loop(s), a long combo chorus, a combo break chorus and do not have any low point. This also does not include track specific sound effects like Ultra themes, combo break noises, ec’t…

So your basically asking them to use 30 seconds loop and turn it into a dynamic theme… it’s like asking me to make a 12 link chain out of a 3 metal rings.

PS: I do think we should at the very least get some KI2 sound track into practice mode! It’s high past time for that.

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Lol I hope mick Gordon isnt reading this thread

Why? He loved the classic themes to death, that’s why he put them in when the characters stand still for too long. He didn’t have to make those short remixes, that was on his own time and dollar. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is also why Cell dweller and Atlus plug just use the main theme remixes used in the trailers for that part of the new themes. I can’t blame them for avoiding the added on work since those Easter egg themes are so rarely heard any way.

I’d like classic voice packs, too, I miss skranky cave goblin Jago:-

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He sounded pretty different in KI 2