MadCatz TE2+ No Longer Working In 3.4

Just a heads up that the MadCatz TE2+ no longer works for me with the 3.4 update. It was working previous to 3.4 with the use of the MadCatz driver, which essentially provided an X-Input wrapper.

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The same thing happened to me with the MadCatz TES+.
Changing the type of input via their driver doesnt seem to work either.

Maybe they messed something up with peripheral support, because my Mad Catz Xbox 360 FightPad no longer works. It shows up correctly in properties and works in SFV though, but not in KI.

Yeah, my wired 360 mad catz street fighter iv controller no longer works after the update. It works with other games, just not this one. I really hope they fix this problem, I really like using this controller for fighting games.

BTW, I also tested a Microsoft wired 360 controller and that works fine, it’s just the mad catz one that doesn’t work (not even the Start button works in ki). Prior to the latest KI update the mad catz controller worked perfectly.

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Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one I guess.

All Mad Catz controllers, so probably happened while finally implementing the Xbox One stick. Hopefully it’s just an easily corrected goof. I can’t imagine they would be blocking anything intentionally.

I can completely verify this issue.

I have both the Madcatz TE2 Xbox One fightstick and the Madcatz TE2 PS4 fightstick. After the latest KI update, I can now use my XB1 TE2 with Killer Instinct (huge warning don’t open the side meld - by pressing Y - this caused the stick to totally stop responding).

Unfortunately I can no longer use my PS4 TE2 with KI any longer. It would seem the game completely lost its xinput support. I really hope this is a bug and gets corrected (I imagine it’s also causing issues with 360 sticks as others have mentioned - don’t have one to personally test). I don’t mind swapping from one stick to the other, but if I’m playing SFV and go to KI, I don’t want to have to swap sticks just to play it.

I also noticed that even though the XB1 TE2 stick is working in KI, it still shows as an 'Unknown Device" in Windows. Still really hoping this gets addressed, as it’d be nice to use it for other games as well. It’s not a huge deal having to swap sticks, but if I’ve already got one plugged in, it’d be nice to just continue using it.

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Have the developers commented on this issue yet? I’m somewhat miffed that I can’t play this game I paid 60 dollars for now, and that I can’t find a simple way to just ask them if this is an issue that will be fixed, or if they dropped support for the controller entirely.

why hasnt this been fixed yet. i have a game that i cant play just sitting on my harddrive just taking up space now…

Forget getting fixed, can it please just be addressed? Out of the several threads on this issue and all the times it’s been brought up in other threads, not once has it been acknowledged over the last three months.

don’t wait for it guys, just use an external tool like XOutput to make it work again in the meantime.

This tool doesn’t work correctly.

I have to use Joy2Key for mine. Works, but have been told it causes some input delay.

my MadCatz TE2+ ryu also it is not working, for God’s sake, activated by one it is not optimized by a driver, all games are running, mortal kombat 9, X, injustice, street fighter V, etc … only the killer that is not compatible to Play in Windows10.

I have such an expensive control and I can not play killer? Microsoft please, the game is yours, the windows are yours and do not have support ??? You must urgently fix this.

This has been like 4 months now. Pretty sure KI doesn’t really give a ■■■■ anymore. I’ve tried contacting people that I could on twitter and making threads with no response that this is even acknowledged or any plans to fix it. Really sucks cause Keits and Ki twitters begging people to play all the while they hold a middle finger up to the people that take them up on it with current gen sticks.

My guess is that it’s a Microsoft thing that killed controller support and the IG folks simply aren’t allowed to talk about it. It’s way out of character for them to not simply say “hey, we know there’s a problem, working on it.” or something.

It really is something horrible this, a little time ago, has a total support and everything worked correctly, who has this type of control for love, dedicates to fighting games, does not spend money, always want to use.

Alas, they arrive and take the support, it is a total disappointment to happen.

Myself, I can no longer play in common control, I got so used to this madcatz and controls arcades that I do not use common control for a while and I think it’s horrible to play with them.

We need an update Urgently!

What also discourages them, who launched Kilgore to raise funds and just like work is not game and remove what was supported and simple thing to solve killing big players who use good controls for nothing, making them move away from the game.

Myself, how am I going to buy Kilgore if I can not even play under my control that worked before? Why buy does not control?

I dont understand

I wish we could get an update on what’s happening with the controller support issue. It’s keeping a lot of people from playing.

Even something like if it’s a game bug, Windows 10 issue, UWP issue or just some updated reassurance it’s being worked on and not forgotten would go a long way.

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Use D-INPUT. Try it now.