XBOX 360 Controller not working with KI anymore since update

Worst case scenario? You buy an XB1 controller.

Oh! So is it confirmed that the 360 controller no longer works with the PC version?

No confirmation. Let me check with folks tomorrow to see what the issue may be.

My x360 mode hori works fine, hasn’t missed a beat.

Thanks rukizzel,
I will try to re-install the game I guess. Like I mentioned before. The pad registers fine when I plug it in and check the inputs in devices. It also works for my steam games.

Again, any suggestions would be great. I’m a PC n00b.


Don’t waste your time/bandwidth reinstalling. That won’t do anything. The game itself seems to have broken controller support after the last update for a number of controllers.

@rukizzel Please see here:

There are a number of other posts scattered about the forums with similar issues.

@SirRadG Thanks! My pad is a madcatz pad.

Hello I am sorry for my bad English but I will try to write something about my problem with controller after the last update of KI.I use the ps3 controller on my pc,it works fine until this update,another games like mortal kombat,Naruto,street fighter works good.

I’m having this problem as well. I’m using a Madcatz 360 Brawl stick, and my computer recognizes that I have a controller plugged in, but I’m getting no response in-game.

I had the same problem with two different controllers. Thought I was losing my mind because both worked a month ago. Anyone have a work around?

I wonder if mine still works because I never did the Anniversary Update for win10. Anyone know if the hori rap V still works w/ KI+Anniversary?

To anyone else, if you’re dying to play idk if you can roll back from Anniversary, assuming that’s the issue

I noticed after the Anniversary update my roommate’s PDP Injustice stick has stopped working all together for KI. he’s really bummed about this since he wants to learn KI as well.

My old ■■■ wireless Tekken 6 Hori stick still works like a charm, as well as my SFxT Madcatz cross fightstick. And I have the anniversary update so i dont think the problem lies with the update.

Was having this issue as well, official wireless 360 controllers paired with off brand receiver working before but not now. Mayflash stick working fine so I checked device mgr and saw that my receiver was using one of the 2009 drivers, switched it to the 2016 driver and all is well now. Not sure if wired has multiple dated drivers, but it’s worth checking which version it’s using while it’s plugged in.

Possible solution for some people I hope,
I use a PS3 Sixaxis via usb with Motionjoy to play many games. (Xbox Emulated)
K.I. worked fine and I took a break for a few months and when I came back
I guess they had the breaking update so no more controller support for many of us.
So after much frustration and time pouring over forums I found a solution that works for me.
I have an ASUS BCM920702 Bluetooth 4.0 dongle and it will not pair automatically with the Sixaxis so i had to follow the steps found here,

Just follow the instructions to install Scarlet Crush drivers in the description for wired and then set up your BT dongel (may take a few tries) and you should end up with a paired Sixaxis and a Killer Instinct working with your controller!.

This may work for X360 controller idk as I do not own one but maybe this will help some people.
Now I do know that Sixaxis is picky about a BT dongle it will connect to so if you plan on buying one to do this just be sure to get one that supports PS3 controllers.

Now if they would only give us loyal PC players K.I. Classic (like the console has) to make up for taking a dump on paying customers.

Fight On!!

I have the same problem I had not played like a month ago and when i log in again the xbox 360 wireless controllers stopped working, they work fine in mkx, street fighter and a bunch of steam games, also i couldn fiend newer drivers for windows 10 besides the 2009 ones.

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Hello everyone,
Not sure where to post this. I have an xbox 360 controller that I used to play KI on my PC. I haven’t played on PC in about a month. I plugged my controller in today and booted up KI and it no longer works.

The same controller works on Steam games and registers in my devices. So, it is in fact working.

Yeah, when they updated the game to finally use the XB1 fightsticks something went wrong and stopped all (I think) non XB1 controllers from working with the game. I believe they’re supposed to fix the issue in the next update, which is supposed to come out sometime this month.

My work around has been to not play the game.

Has the Madcatz 360 SFIV Fightpad issue been fixed yet?

just tested the game with my PS4 TE2+ with the xinput-driver. nope, still not working.

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