Mad Max: Fury Road

I just found out that this film released digitally on Xbox Video for $20. I’ve already picked it up! It was EASILY my favorite film of the year - besides, if you get it AND the game, you can get a free hood ornament! How cool is that!? The film itself has rave reviews (98% on Rotten Tomatoes, for example) from virtually all over the Internet. So check it out!

…and don’t forget to buckle up! It’s going to be a lovely day!

For those of you who don’t know who Mad Max is, here’s a glimpse of his earlier films (which kick-started Mel Gibson’s career).

You’re welcome! :smile:

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This movie destroyed alot of recent action films. For me, best movies to have come out recently have been fury road and the big surprise that was John Wick with keeanu. Holy ■■■■ man anyway…


Edit: how the ■■■■ will hollywood top fury road? Honestly with the BS coming out…I don’t think it will.

Couldn’t agree more, this “reboot” was amazing compared to everything before it!

Excellent characters, story, and ACTION!!!

The movie gave me exactly what I was wanting in a Mad Max film. Lots of high octane visuals and vehicle warfare.

That movie gave me a damn rush hearing the supercharged engines and I actually had a sense of real speed in it.

Plus, there was no shaky cam or stupid editing cutting things short like in most “action” movies today

Is it worth buying it on Blu-ray? It comes out next Tues so I’m wondering if it’s like twisted metal.

Most of the movie is car action. You will like it. It’s called Fury Road, they battle and chase on said road.

the stunts are amazing and practical, there is very little CG in this movie. when you see all that crazy ■■■■ happening, you’ll wonder “how the hell did the stuntmen NOT die”

i lol’d

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I’m looking forward to picking up the Blu Ray next week. I actually have several family members and friends who haven’t seen it, so I think I’m throwing a movie night gathering.

Definitely a great movie to do that kind of thing with, especially if you have a big entertainment center to make it a better theatrical experience overall. :slight_smile:

I saw it twice in the theater, and I’ve been longing to watch it again. I’ve been holding out for the Blu Ray version though.

saw it 3 times in the theater…still not close to being bored of it at all lol. this movie makes my blood boil and gives me a charge

Eh I’ve seen better.

It’s weird that you’d pop in here to simply say that - do you at least have specific things you did or didn’t like to discuss? Otherwise it’s sort of a pointless post, isn’t it?

I didn’t realize it was required, but fine I’ll give a little more detail. The car battles were awesome, visuals were awesome, acting ok I guess, plot almost non-existent. I wasn’t expecting the story to be groundbreaking, but I thought I may at least get to see some crazy eccentric wasteland inhabitants, sadly didn’t get to see much of that and instead got a plot focusing on pretty much the 2 most boring personalities in the movie(Max and Furiosa). I feel like I saw a completely different movie from everyone else, it was entertaining, I can’t really say much more than that.

Thanks for the extra detail - I don’t agree with you, but I understand your point of view a lot better.

I thought we did actually get a good number of eccentric characters, and I really loved the whole “Chrome Valhalla” mythology that was showcased. I thought the Wives, Nux and the “big bads” were all awesome characters, and we definitely don’t agree on Max and Furiosa’s characters!

Two different people, two different view points, I guess.

I thought Nux was a cool character when he was acting like a crazed zealot, not so much after he met the wives and his personality got toned down. “Big bads” were good too, just didn’t think they got enough screen time.

So true about Nux.

One thing I didn’t like, we didn’t get at least one solid chase scene with the v8 interceptor with max at the wheel! That is my only gripe about this movie, that badass ■■■■■■ car needed more screen time! Before the war boys modded* it lol