Mace the dark age N64

This game is full of ideas.


oh Dh knew about Mace. It inspired a lot of KI

We brOught up the characters and mechanics in the first forums and i really think NamiRa inspired Sadiras accessories, and koyasha moveset is amazing to Have as a Sadira Spider Clan villain

I honestly think the game deserves a reboot- and the charcter movesets and traits aRe amazing


This game is extremely underrated. Great character design, an intriguing story, and a lot of overall content. The gameplay was also rather fun. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the entire package was stellar, but it was a VERY good start for a series that deserved many sequels, but sadly got none.

This game just oozed potential.

Honestly, and I feel like I’ve said this at lest twenty times between the original forum, the last forum, and probably this one as well; I would LOVE for MS to buy up the rights for this game and get another good team like a DH or an IG working on a reboot. If KI is MS’ exclusive 2D fighter, this should be MS’ exclusive 3D fighter.

PLEASE make it happen, MS!!


Takeshi with the sword reminds Tusk …

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Takeshi reminds me of jago

Lord deimos is very tusk

Something tells me MS wont support fighting gamesi favor of 50 football and military sims

Oh well ive a PS4 under the tree!

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Oh hell yeah. If there was a 1+ button, I’d have broken it by now.

I loved this game and would love to see a reboot. It had the setting of soul calibur with the gore of MK and some of the commentary of KI.

It was a good blend.


A reboot of Mace: The Dark Ages: MAKE IT HAPPEN! :smile: :wink:


mmm…naaaaa, if anything, we take our cue to improve KI…

The hellknight would of bene my favorite if I had the game int he past.

I’ve only played the game once and it was at a ceces pizza.
Asame the game had such an Intresting concept but got left in the dust.

Here’s some interesting news the rights for Mace the Dark Age hasn’t been renewed since 2001 so anyone can pick up the rights to game maybe Microsoft Wink Wink


I mean… why would they?
It’s not like it was a good game or successful by any means.

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Yes I will admit it’s not the best fighting game on the N64 but with a reboot that fixes the clunky controls add new Characters and Stages then it could be better than before however Mace the Dark Age is one of games that deserves a second chance.

I personally don’t think it does. It was incredibly uninteresting to me.

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Koyasha wins!

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I respect your opinion friend :slight_smile:

Then get someone to make it good, that’s how KI survived when so many others didn’t (and I’m not saying the old KIs were bad, but they have not aged well at all).

I do agree that the game has less potential than other games like Cardinal Syn, but if someone in the future was able to get the IP and make it great then I won’t complain. I mean, we live in a world where RAAM (one of the most nothing concepts for a fighter) was turned into one of the most fun grapplers I ever used in a fighting game, anything is possible with the right talent and dedication.


Interesting. Curious to know what @TempusChaoti thinks of this game. :slight_smile:

I wonder if the violence could be toned down or deemphasized in a way that really puts the focus on a 3D, weapon-based, Combo based fighter set in the Dark Ages. To me, that sounds really cool, and with the right tone, aesthetic, and an expansive, compelling narrative, I think it could separate itself from Soul Calibur and make for a unique 3D fighter / solid addition to MS software lineup.

I think it had some really good elements. The story was interesting for its time and has a ton of room to add greater depth and intrigue. The overall aesthetic and character art style also worked really well outside of the obvious joke characters.

To me, there are the bones of a compelling fighter in there. I could see a darker, more medieval inspired Soul Calibur type of game, with perhaps more emphasis on combos and specials.

Sure, there are obvious problem areas. The violence was too 90’s and too Mortal Kombat to approach anything anyone would consider cool or unique in 2018.

Also, the announcer was more or less a lame Killer Instinct ripoff, though that’s easily fixed by either using a good KI styled announcer or simply going a different route entirely.

The biggest issues though, were that the movement and animation was choppy, and the combos were a bit too far in the dial-a-combo direction.

Of course, this game also came out in 1997. It predates both Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. Comparisons to the best at the time would be Soul Edge, Virtua Fighter 2 and Tekken and none of those have aged particularly well. So I think some allowance can be given for the more technical issues Mace had. It’s gameplay was second tier at best, somewhere in that War Gods tier of 3D fighters, but there are ideas there that could be modernized to vastly improve upon that while still keeping the essence of what it once did somewhat well, but ultimately failed at.

Still, I’ll admit that it had its flaws. But Killer Instinct had its flaws back then as well, regardless of what people choose to remember, and look how much more it became when reimagined in the modern fighting game landscape.

I’m not saying every fighter deserves another chance, but I see a solid, if not spectacular foundation for something that could be really good. Cool character concepts, a unique time period, a darker, weapons based, combo-centric fighter with some flashy special moves added in for flavor. All that plus a story that could allow for a ton of depth, lore, character exploration, themes, etc.

Maybe I’m projecting or seeing stuff that’s not there and if you don’t see it, I totally don’t begrudge you for that. I just think there’s a massive amount of potential, even if it’s buried under a thick layer of so-so gameplay and late 90’s butt rock lol.

Here’s IGN’s review of the N64 version. Back then, for its time, it was a good game. Not a great game by any means, but with the right care and the right ideas behind it, I think a new, reimagined Mace could be something special.


The way I see it. If a game had potential like Rise of the Robots or this game it should get a second chance. In fact there’s a ton of Fighting Games that deserve a revival.

Primal Rage
King of the Monsters (the sequel was a beat em up though)
Bloody Roar
Eternal Champions
Rise of the Robots
Mace the Dark Age

that’s just to name a few.

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Primal Rage would be at the top of my list, because it is an all animal/dinosaur fighting game and there is nothing else like it.

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Yup and if I was remaking it I’d add some additional gods to the roster. It’d be a better option than adding humans which wasn’t part of Primal Rage’s gimmick to begin with.

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