LPT: Don't ever get hit by this button

No, I tend to agree with you. Maybe it’s because I main Hisako, but I feel like I “see through” Tusk’s gameplan to a certain extent. He wants to make you afraid to push buttons, and I’m pretty content to deny him that opportunity. Tusk rolls you because after you get deflected once or twice he gets to just kind of go nuts. He’s like Hisako in that he kind of needs you to sit still and take his offense - I’ve found that just by being obstinate and refusing to let him play his game you’ll tend to do well against him.

And that goes for all characters - a lot of my experience (and wins) against Tusk hasn’t been with Hisako.

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Yeah, there sort of an element of “adapt by not necessarily adapting too much” that’s required.

I’m impressed. It’s not easy to design new and interesting gameplay and I think Tusk really adds something different to the game.

Skewer doesn’t add to KV or cause blowout. It’s like a normal. The damage will scale at the end of a big combo.

It does add a considerable chunk of potential damage though. The only benefit to breaking it is to prevent that PD.

My favorite character being universally liked and played and people willing to open tech threads about him warms my little heart.

I do feel, as I pointed in my own thread, some setups are too good with zero risk

backstab into st.hp into throw into skewer does 43% unbreakable. You can break the skewer, but the damage is already done. You can tech the throw, though. But if it catches you sleeping (or you don’t really know about it) chances are you are eating 43% damage.

And if you go for the cb after skewer, you can follo up during lockout with hp auto, shadow skull splitter and shadow conqueror ender for…

98% damage.

Is this another “demon despair is OP” scenario? I think not, because it has real chances of happening in a fight.

My only advice is:

Never counterbreak skewer. Chances are you’ll insta-lose the round.

Hardly any benefit at all at that point then. From the numerous voices in this thread alone on the subject you’re probably at bigger risk breaking than taking the hit, since you’ve had to take the damage and you run risk of getting hit by counter breaker bait.

maybe some players that cry about him being braindead or too strong can upload footage.

I personally would be totally fine if they remove the deflect window on his medium sword normals (cause their startup is fast and they are only -3) and make it smaller on his cr.hp. normalize his damage on deflect would be fine too.

cr.hp is -17 on block and i see a lot of unpunished cr.hp on various streams.

cinder can trailblaze, glacius can cold shoulder, jago can windkick, rash can headram, kimwu can hard spinkick and so on.

Why not play longer sets vs a good tusk too improve in the matchup. If they touch him now mindless he can be easily destroyed. he is strong without a doubt but not too strong.

Really? I find that hard to believe, 'cause I’ve fought well over 20 of them by now and have only lost to 1 out of the whole bunch.

All I gotta do is put up a wall, stay back, wait for him to make his attack, block it, and punish it by sending him through a wall.

It is minus 17 but my buttons wont come out for some reason on block.

He’s also less than a week old.

This match up is horribly in Aganos favor, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t strong against the rest of the cast.

I don’t know what argument or line of logic you are trying to establish on this one. If you are trying to list punish moves for crouching HP, that’s nice, but given the use of the move, you aren’t likely to see it used in a normal poking game at neutral where it can be punished by this list. I can tell you against Cinder, as an anti-air/crossup measure it does its job WELL. So the move probably goes unpunished because the moment people tend to use this move is probably where it’s difficult to punish, even with that -17 on block, like in Instinct, or as an anti air, or when the opponent has pretty much been conditioned to block and not try to counter attack at all.

Cr. HP from the looks of it also has the same quick startup for the deflect window, which is where it may also have some benefit to it.

I’m pretty sure he’s just saying any of Tusk’s slow sword buttons can be punished this way, not just cr.HP.

Stand MP is -3 and I think stand HP is only about -5 or so. So you can’t punish all of them. But you get your turn back and Tusk can’t really deflect in time if you try to do something and he’s reasonably close.

the reason why i listed this is to show that people dont know the matchup including me and you. He gets away with a lot of stuff atm. Did you know you can backdash st.hp on reaction and full punish cause it whiffed - no need too deal with deflection. i can backdash with jago and windkick punish a st.hp.

Simple as that. Its too early to mark something as too strong or braindead when you dont know how to play the matchup with your character with new moves and rebalanced stuff from s3.

I hate to say it but that is scrub mentality. Learn your character from ground up cause its a new season and adapt too all changes. Come back in a month and if you still can not beat Tusk reliable than explain why he is too strong.

Oh and if you cant beat a character and he is so dumb and strong - just play him and dominate all players.


Only his cr.hp is punishable on block by nearly all characters. st.hp only by dp characters

But to list it

st.hp can be backdashed and full punished, a dp with less than 5f punish (fulgore, Jago, maybe orchid dont know), parried, interrupted on reaction.
f+mp neutral jump on reaction and full punish
cr.hp full punish on block
st.mp is safe
cr.mp is more or less safe cause it has a lot of whiff recovery

And yet here People accuse Riptor of being mindless, but by comparison you can at least get her off you more easier than Tusk.

Personally I’m gonna follow the dev advice and not let Tusk the school bully pick on me. lol

Everyone else do the same. We can take down the school bully. Without tattling on the teacher : P

Also: you guys know hes only been out for a week right? we should wait awhile before calling for changes. Just try to fight as many Tusks as you can. And WIN IT!

All of this makes sense considering s.HP is pretty much “The Money Shot” so it would have to be real punishable on misuse.
Inversely I’ve been able to react deflect a number of attacks using it, like Rash’s wrecking ball, pretty consistently.

Also, Tusk can block low for any of Hisako’s rekkas:

  • Hisako’s MP and LP rekkas can be deflected on reaction using cr.MP, cr.HP, MP Skull Splitter (for MP rekka), MP and HP Conqueror.

  • Orchid’s overhead rekka can only be deflected with HP Conqueror.

  • Riptor’s tail flips after a blocked talon go:

  • LK can be deflected with basically anything on you want

  • MK can’t be deflected but it can be dashed out

  • HK can be deflected by a last second turn around cr.HP

  • Riptor’s Predator followups can be deflected as follows:

  • LP -> cr.MP/cr.HP/MP Splitter/MP/HP Conqueror

  • MP -> MP/HP Conqueror

  • HP -> Nothing, block high.

  • LK -> MP/HP Conqueror

  • MK -> cr.MP/cr.HP/MP Splitter/MP/HP Conqueror

  • HK -> MP/HP Conqueror

  • Arbiter’s overhead special done after his target combos can be deflected pretty easily with all the good buttons.

I’m really liking that there’s so far a lot of cool ways to set up a deflect by using the opponent’s momentum against themselves. There’s too much to test.

Based on 200 or so matches with Tusk so far, you pretty much shouldn’t be using s.HP unless to chase bad positioning or if you’re going for a deflect. Deflecting with s.HP instantly makes your combo lvl 3.

I just noticed this comment and I can’t disagree more.
Cr.MP is Tusk’s most reliable deflect while under pressure that can lead to a grounded combo since it doesn’t change to a proximity normal when someone is in your face or above you, and recaptures if they were. Cr.HP can deflect anything that cr.MP can, but it can only lead to juggles and those require Instinct.

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I never said he was too strong and unbeatable. I will admit to calling him a little mindless with some trap style gameplay, and perhaps that was premature, BUT I HAVE NEVER called for nerfs or changes to him. Only he be observed with a more careful eye to see if some of his tactics should or shouldn’t be reigned in a little. I’m not going to make that judgment call since it’s not mine to make, I just relearn the game as I have need to for competition.

What I don’t care for is the subtle insinuation of you calling me a scrub. I know my character well, but I’m learning a new matchup, and finding that Tusk’s cr. HP isn’t a poke so much as it is an effective anti-air and crossup tool. I don’t expect someone to throw it out in the neutral. I have encountered a tusk player that threw out skull splitter 4x in a row at its longest range, and even with Cinder, it’s a fairly difficult punish. I have my own observations and opinions of moves, and while they may conflict with yours, I can express them. Yes, some players I have encountered seem a little mindless in their playstyle, whether that’s a fault of theirs or mine, but I am allowed to say it strikes me as a little mindless. However, I’m tired of people putting words in my mouth saying I’m calling for nerfs, I NEVER SAID THAT.

I have come in here eliciting advice, to which I’ll take your advice on backdash punishes to the lab, it just wasn’t a consideration before since I was mostly looking for corner escape situations on these traps I’ve been seeing. From the number of Tusk players I’ve played, the corner is a REALLY bad place to fight or punish Tusk. I have also admitted to being a little salty on some posts. But if I’m just gonna get called a scrub for expressing opinion and asking advice, I can leave the thread. I’ve said my piece and am adequately resolved by a lot of the responses here, so if you feel my presence is unwelcome, say the word and I’m gone.

Well, I like Shadow Counters, but as Cinder, I try to reserve meter for other uses, but I’m probably going to have to change up things because at this point Shadow Counters are going to be extremely necessary for some of that long reaching offense he has going. I kinda like the white damage I get from the blocked shadow Inferno, but being on the offense is more important.[quote=“TrustfulWhale, post:56, topic:7679”]
I’m really liking that there’s so far a lot of cool ways to set up a deflect by using the opponent’s momentum against themselves. There’s too much to test.

This guy is finding ways to take advantage of this mechanic, like a good player will. It’s just I feel like for a lot of Tusk players, it’s the ONLY way of playing him from what I’ve seen, and there is no other real offense to him.

By the way @TrustfulWhale, not picking on you at all. Clarifying right now, respect to everyone in this thread. Even @LycanNaryko.

pretty much this. he’s new and not everyone knows how to deal iwth him yet, I play Tusk and get punished a lot by very good players for throwing out wild s.HP and s.MP. Tusk does not have a lot of safe options once you get used to fighting game. That orchid could have been punishing him all day.

Also a decent Glacius has no problem against Tusk. I watched GutterMagic struggle against quite a few Glacius players and lost a few as well.