Immortality has a Price - Tusk Tech Thread

The dual-handed sword is more than just a simple weapon, display the tech here.

Welcome to the Tusk Tech thread. Here we can compile all of our dirty tricks. I’ll be linking to the info from the other threads in here as well.

I’d like to start things off by congratulating all you Tusk players for becoming immune to Shadow Counters while in Instinct mode!
(special moves only)

You can use any special or shadow move while on the ground this way, so bait out those Shadow Counters!
(In fact, I could see this getting nerfed to the ground, so I recommend enjoying it while you can)

Stagger setups!

Deflect setups!

Linker strats!



Nice work here, @TrustfulWhale! :smiley:

I’ll just be taking note of that there tidbit, thank-ya kindly.

This is all very good information.

I want to add that his Instinct is amazing for this anti counter breaker. You can actually interrupt your own shadows using the special cancel feature, so there’s some extra bait tech to consider there. I’ve put together a couple videos that I need to edit down. As soon as I have done so I will share here and with the Facebook group.

Also, does anyone know which attack has the quickest and longest deflect window?

Great work so far, everyone.

Oh hey, GGs @ThisIsSPADAAA ! I’m the Hisako you ran into a few times online :smiley:

Great Stuff! I’ll take this all in to Practice mode and go to work…

Oh hey! Yeah we played 3 matches. 2 to 1 in your favor. Lol. I remember quite well. I have NO idea how to deal with Hisako yet and I don’t get a whole lot of time to play right now. But I’m working on it!lol

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That MU is a tough one for Tusk, to be sure.

Feel free to add me and we can run sets sometime! :smiley:

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Been working on a couple of juggles. Here’s a couple worth taking a look at. There’s a LOT more potential with juggles. Particularly when in instinct.

Neither of these combos are maximized. I’m just scratching the surface. But his Instinct cancel capability is really enticing.


Ok so I’ve been able to play a bit this weekend. Here’s some stuff that I’ve noticed with Tusk.

His speed is his biggest obstacle. Once your opponent learns your sword normals range and that you can jump punish most if not all of them.

His cr.Med is actually quite good, it’s something I need to utilize more as a footsie tool.

St.HK is one of his essential attacks in connecting after a successful stagger. Also his Immortal Spirit into Shoulder is a go to opener (also after a stagger).

Shoulder is actually a good thing to use close range as it’s entirely safe on block. It’s a fake frame trap too if you think you can catch your opponent with it.

His instinct is really good, but it sucks that it costs to use that cancel. Otherwise it’s quite good. There’s so much to experiment with.

His footsie hit confirm almost always needs to be normal > Skull Splitter. This is safe, at a good range to establish a good mix up game and during instinct can be cancelled into Immortal Spirit into grab/low/overhead mixup.

Speaking of his overhead… Hard to find a LOT of use. But you can do lt. Immortal Spirit into HP/HK almost right away and it covers 2/3’s of the screen or so. It’s also safe on block at full range. It’s just super slow on startup, so I only use it when I can’t be consistently interrupted or when I’m mixing up my rushdown with instinct.

His Immortal Spirit in general is probably his most effective command move. Just because of how quick it is and it has no cool down on whiff. You can block pretty much immediately after and if you time it you can get an extra long footsies out of it.

Anyways, just some extra stuff. There’s probably more I can’t think of right now. I’ll try to write more as I learn.

Super situational… But possible.

thanks, I’ll try this.

Played another Tusk online and found him relying on the OH/Low mixup after Immortal Spirit. Pretty bad idea. I figured it was easily fuzzyable from the way it looked, but now having played against another Tusk in a real match I fully understand that the OH is just noooot going to open anyone up,.

Not to say the Immortal Spirit isn’t good, just that the OH option, as far as it’s mixup functionality is concerned, is super-meh. Immortal Spirit remains excellent because it’s super low recovery allows for a bunch of throws, tricky f+s.MP crossups on whiff, and of course just doing a shoulder out of it to stuff opponents trying to counter either of those options.

I could maybe see the OH hitting when you are in instinct and going SUPER HAM on an opponent because cancels of cancels of cancels make it hard to keep track of the fuzzy timing.

Yeah I mostly stick to using the OH for max range pokes out of the dash if I suspect a button press or fireball startup. It also seems good for predicting jumps sometimes, otherwise I hardly use it.

Yeah the overhead is not crazy useful. As an overhead anyhow. But it works great as a max range poke for sure.

Thanks for the tips especially the setups. Tusk was always one of my favorites that i mained in KI2/Gold.

Even though I’m working on improving my Tusk, I need to play some good Tusk players as well. If it’s not a problem, I would love to get some sets going. I can add you guys or feel free to add me.

Same for me, I really want to improve my game.

Is there already some crazy Tusk guy that I could watch on Youtube/twitch anywhere?

Give it time. The tournaments haven’t happened yet.

Thanks you saved me some time labbing this up b4 I get the character so I will keep this noted and I only play on weekends thx man you did alot