LPT: Don't ever get hit by this button

The first rule for fighting Tusk is DO NOT GET HIT BY FAR F+MP, or else you’ll see your life bar disappear in 5 seconds:



2nd rule is don’t hit at all!

Did that one hit do over 20% damage?

Yup. 22% by itself. The second hit is unbreakable, giving a guaranteed 28% right away.

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I got hit with that as Aria. Not fun but at the same time so hilarious that I ain’t even mad.


It doesn’t even look like that’s counterhit damage, it looks like a raw hit.

Jesus. That ■■■■ needs patching ASAP.

I actually just checked - counter hit doesn’t add any damage to that button. Complete ■■■■■■■■■ It needs some extra damage…

Standing HP on counter hit actually does just as much as f+MP (22%). Just… don’t get hit by anything.


Just some tips vs tusk

cr.hp in neutral grounded blocked can be punished on block (im pretty sure orchid can stick out a st.hp and punish at certain distances - jago can always punish with med windkick. just hit the lab with your character).

f+mp can be neutral jumped on reaction - it has way above 20f startup and is punishable on block at least for some characters with a dp. Hit the lab with your character.

st.hp with tusk is punishable on block if spaced wrong with a dp. if spaced right this will be safe but if spaced right then there is just a reaction backdash away to full punish on with with any forward advancing move.

let the game breath - nothing needs patching right away.

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I still don’t like that damage though…

OMG that combo, I’m in love!

A lot of Tusk salt in here already. Frankly, the good news is that if you get hit by this move you have blown it and deserve to take the damage. It’s not hard to block this, you can see it coming a mile away.

It’s way too early to start screaming for nerfs. Certainly Tusk may need some, but I would definitely recommend everyone take him out for a test drive and see what makes his life difficult.

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Hisako, that’s what.


Tusk’s kryptonite its common among all the cast: a combination of blocking and shadow counters

I’ve faced a lot of Tusk players lately, and I hate to say it, but their play style almost seems more mindless than season 1 Sabrewulf and early season 2 TJ. Tusk may be negative on block on so many of his moves, but this isn’t a disadvantage as when timed with an appropriate block sting, they are literally timing their move to coincide with the deflection window and creating a frame trap of sorts where you can not counter attack ever. It’s something I see frequently, and there is no thought behind it other than what button to press next. If you delay your counter attack to try and avoid the deflection, you still run the very high risk of getting hit by the actual attack, and getting hit for poke + counter hit level damage (if that move has that property).

Add to that, cross ups are useless because Tusk’s attacks pretty much create this circle of protection, where these same stray behind me hits do the same 20+% damage as a direct poke with anti air damage bonus. The gameplan is very obvious, but is still really difficult to deal with, and even with saving your shadow for the shadow counters, it’s still just too ridiculous at times. Aganos may be tough, but he’s always a fair fight, since he has to have resource management, timing, setup, and effort for the powerful damage he gets. Tusk just seems a little too mindless to get the absurd damage he does, it’s huge damage for little if any effort.

I realize he’s supposed to be a powerhouse, but the exploits of his gameplay style and his unique combo trait make him thoughtlessly powerful.

I’m willing to admit a bit of saltiness in this though, and am open to suggestion on this one. I could hit the lab to find appropriate counter punishment or anti-Tusk options, but if anyone has already found them, I’d rather take that advice first and save time. If not, I’ll find time on my own at some point to try and come up with some solutions. If I find anything I’ll share it with you guys.

There’s a lot of salt flowing about Tusk right now, and maybe at the end of the day he will need an adjustment, but it’s still early. I think it’s just going to take some time to learn what works and what doesn’t. I am playing Tusk, and, frankly I’m not that good. I was getting crushed by everybody, so it’s not like he has a “win” button. I haven’t figured out how to generate the vortex situation you are describing (sounds like I should try!), but I made significant improvements in my game yesterday.

I can see why Cinder’s generally low reach will be a bit of a problem against Tusk (just assuming you are playing Cinder), and his flying all over the screen with Trailblazer is simply not going to work. I think it may be a bad matchup. Cinder needs to be either far away or right up next to Tusk, and to get there your normal mobility options are going to be pretty useless because all of Tusk’s midrange madness and sweeping sword moves are going to catch you out of trailblazer and attempts to recapture.

One thing I haven’t been able to do yet, but I need to start working on, is improving my Shadow counter game. The shadow counters are so much better now and it’s possible that you can start throwing them in against Tusk. Just a thought.

Well, Cinder is one character I used against him, the other is Shadow Jago, to which I’ve had infinitely more success, but it’s still a supremely hard match up.

It’s not so much a vortex situation though, as it is a frame trap, or really a trap in general. I know in the streams leading to season 3 when they first mentioned Tusk’s deflection ability, it was mentioned that any time you hit this window, it’s generally a luck based thing, but from what I’ve seen, people are timing their blockstrings to take advantage of this ability. Basically, following up a negative on block move with another one (almost but not exactly frame perfect) can create a situation where the normal punishment window is basically useless. The natural timing of your counter attacks then plays against you, and even though you have frame advantage (technically) the timing of the next move Tusk throws out, puts you at high risk of hitting the deflection window.

I do know this is really common with Cinder’s Fireflash, but it also has a 9 frame startup and helps it fall more easily into the deflection timing, where as mashing jab may just barely miss the window, but it’s still a complete gamble. He’s basically got some unbelievable block string pressure even while he’s at negative on block. If you choose to do nothing, you eat chip damage and run the risk of a high low mixup eventually, and if you choose to counter attack during the normal punishment window, he nullifies it and goes offensive, and gets free HUGE damage.

However, it could be a basic lack of matchup knowledge, I only got to play yesterday and a little today, as Tuesday it took nearly all of 12 hours on a 6Mbps connection to download the monster sized update. Hardly long enough to test the limits of what I can do to counter him. But since the launch of season 3, I’ve seen a lot of Tusks and Arbiters, making up the majority of who I’ve run into most.

Also, what is with all the parry/deflection stuff lately. Kim Wu has a parry that gives her a resource, Tusk has a sort of parry in the timing of his moves, Arbiter has a straight up SF 3 parry in Instinct. What is with this parry trend?

You can say “bullshit” but I can’t say hell. I have to resort to heck lol… ahem. Don’t mind me.

As for the clip… I never realized how brutal Tusk was, I have to give him another try.

Yeah, I’ve tried to use the word “s-crew” minus the hyphon a few times. So I can’t say something like “a glitch has s-crewed up my fallout 4 and caused my power armors to disappear.”

Hisako is definitely his kryptonite, was playing a lot this afternoon with a Killer and I stood my ground decently, still lost more than won, but thats life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When he pulled out his Hisako though, I was completely trashed, her teleport behind tusk when he is swinging and hello combo, doesnt help that I find Hisako incredibly hard to break…

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