Low Sales of SFV worries me

Just to give you an idea of how bad it sold.

This isnt a flame SFV thread, I think the game is awesome in its own right personally.

But seeing these numbers on such an established fighting game is worrying for the genre going forward.

Capcom cannot be happy with this, and I hope it’s just the result of very low user scores scaring away customers and launching half a game.

US is not the entire planet.

But it’s good. Hopefully they drop the price soon so I can benefit from it :slight_smile:

As for the game. It will live on for years to come. But they probably missed out on a lot of $$ from casuals.

& yes, this should be in off-topic.

The “Retail Sales only,… No Digital” part could be skewing those numbes against SFV. Probably a lot of ditigal sales for the game. Only MKX is a fair direct comparison there. KI Season 1 would be a “Did Not Register” on that chart.

I do think the US part and the NOT DIGITAL part has a lot to do with it. The console exclusivity could also play a role in the lower sales, but That’s just me fishing for an XBOX ONE release (which I know will never happen).

I actually think it’s because of the betas. There were so many that by the time the game actually came out there was no hype because we had all been playing it for months already. The casual fan base got their fill early and only the competitive scene went ahead and bought the full release.

SFV should have sold at a lower price point or just called it “Early Access” "or “Championship Edition”. Higher ups tried to push it to pad Q1 numbers but have hurt their brand and will suffer lower sales in its lifetime. Bad word of mouth from every consumer review sites is hurting it. I wouldn’t blame Capcom from going back at their word and reissuing Street Fighter again because they need to start over and recapture the casual audience.

Capcom made a very bad judgement call. I’m not even sure how they’ll get out it.

A couple of things:
Yes, these numbers are for the U.S. only. But the U.S. is the largest market, and no one thinks these trends are not repeated in other regions. The sales for SFV have been well below Capcom’s projections.

Digital sales will make up some of the gap, but again - they can be expected to follow the same trend. I have seen numbers quoted for the Steam release and it’s not great.

Yes - we should all be very worried. Remember, tournament life and sales are very different. SFV will be a big deal at FGC tournaments for years. But so was SF3 - and that game was a disaster financially that almost killed fighting games for good. People forget quickly just how dead the general sales and development of fighting games were before SF IV released in 09.

Also, this goes back to all those threads we had about KI and SF being in competition. A lot of business people are going to look at those numbers and could very easily come to the conclusion that the market for fighting games is saturated, that the demand isn’t really there and that only MK can make money in this space. “If SF can’t even turn a profit, what can we do?” That’s going to be bad for everyone.

I’m not sure everyone needs to panic, and I certainly wouldn’t suggest that you force all your friends to buy SF V, but this is definitely something that I would be worried about if you are a fan of the genre and want to see more and better fighting games. It’s a lot harder, for example, to imagine pitching someone a Primal Rage remake with these sales data looming in the background.

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Well, I couldn’t buy it on xbox so my 100% sure purchase as a fighting game fan isn’t in there.
Ono has brought the SF community together with SFV, I believe, so I need something else (KI?).

This means nothing in the future for Street Fighter V. Remember this is Capcom we’re talking about, tons and tons of content will be added to the game. Give it time to attract the fighting community like what Street Fighter 4 and before did.

What @BigBadAndy said.

That said, hopefully League of Thunderous Legends Rising will raise the FGC to unprecedented new heights of popularity and we can just forget SFV ever happened.


SFV tanking is good for KI.

Eventually, SFV will start gaining momentum. It is SF after all.

But for KI S3 we need SFV to give us a head start, so our game can find its sales numbers between the two behemoths (sfv and mkxl)

For now, we need SF and MK in bad shape, so we can maintain our piece of the market.

Don’t worry about SF. It will be fine.


Serves them right for censoring the damn thing.


And how!

i doubt it that the low sales of that game will effect others, reason the game is so low is cause everyone is telling everyone that the game has very little and if you don’t compete competitively the game is not for you and there are way more casual players then tournament players

Keep dreaming, cause that wont make ki sell more than both titles. You think its good, but its not as the ended of the day it affects us consumers in a bad way.

I wouldn’t worry about it. That affects SF, not KI or MK. As you can see MKX sold very well and came out last April, SFV sold bad because reviewers (and costumers) slammed its lack of content. The casual crowed (Who likley makes up the most sales) probably didn’t want to buy a game where the single player content is so limited, add on top of that the smaller roster when compared to a game like MKX, and all of its online issues at the beginning it was bound of not sell great.

I have the game, and I enjoy it. I haven’t played it like 2 weeks and I like it but when looking at it from the perspective of somebody who isn’t big on online play, or sitting around learning combos, and getting better at the game to play people online, it is a little lacking, and that is why I think it’s sales are a little low.

That’s not to say it will do bad. The game will be huge. It is SF, the game will get continued support over time and more single players stuff is going to be added soon, so I think it will do fine in the long run.

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It will affect KI sales, for a reason: timing.

Season 3 launch could very well have been overshadowed by a massive SFV launch. Now that SFV has failed, fans are itching for new things to wipe out the bad taste from their mouths. And that’s where KI S3 jumps in.


Surprising that sf5 still has players and has the most entries at evo, s3 is not likely to overshadow sf. You assume it will, but dont have the actual facts that it will come to fruition. At the same time it could happen, but dont get ahead of yourself as only time will tell.

Of course KI will not overshadow SFV.

But SFV 's fluke launch will help S3 be less overshadowed by SFV