Lots of poor losers higher up!

So I’ve been going in order of every character to get the 20 ranked wins and I just got onto Tj. I admit im a trash Tj player lol. I was playing a killer ranked eyedol ( I’m gold). It was best 2/3 and he absolutely destroyed me the first match. So I decided since I’m not the best with Tj ill be a more defensive bait Tj. The second match we were both in danger and I used instinct to revive from being down and decided to be cheap (which I hate doing) and started spamming flying knee to get the second win. So there we are tied 1-1 and he started swearing calling bs and left the match. Like dude it’s a game chill out sorry I had to be a little cheap to win don’t be salty when you destroyed me in the first round and got mad cause I played defense and watched for openings.


So one person makes it “lots”?? Btw don’t even sweat it, he’ll be taken care of soon enough. #banhammer

Well that was just one case most of my Tj wins are people quitting after losing 1 in 2/3 matches. That was the most recent I have 6 wins form quitters. It’s kinda sad. If I can struggle through 20 wins with spinal after being destroyed 55 times without quitting people need to calm down. I also think a quit should be minus more points like -150

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The dude is a scrub! Congrats on your adjustments to get the “W”. :slight_smile:

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How is this cheap?

TJ works for cheap.


Isn’t flying knee - on block?


Well I spammed it till I hit him lol

How the hell did you manage that? Nevermind…going by how a majority of players aren’t very good…this doesn’t surprise me actually.

I’m a rash player, so I get all kinds of hate, even though I hardly use wrecking ball, which is usually why people hate him, and I try my very best to play thoughtfully and footsie based (admittedly though, I have much to work on and I tend to panic when people pop my bubble of defense lol, also I jump too much). I remember beating a dude’s level one eyedol in ranked, and then when I ran into him again and he picked shago and won but it was a close set, ended up being 2-1 his favor. The whole time he played shago though he constantly teabagged me and taunted, then when he won the last game he got on the mic and said something like “suck my nutts you stupid no talent ■■■■■”. The insult isn’t what got to me, I’ve heard worse, it was just the childish behavior, hell I was trying to be nice to him >_>.

Like I’m an extremely anxious person, and I usually stream when I play this game, so I try to put on a good show while streaming. I try to positive, funny, and just do well in matches, so when I perceive myself as under performing, it gets to me, and I feel like it effects the show, which makes me even more anxious (probably doesn’t help that I drink lol). Then this cancerous nonsense happens and just puts me in such bad mood that I just want to stop the stream and go to bed, and that’s super lame because I love this game, it’s truly become one of my favorites, so I don’t want some immature dingle ruining it for not only me, but the people that watch my stuff. I may not be popular, but for the people that enjoy my stream, it’s extremely rude.

Point being, some of the people in ranked, even as far as killer, can make a person’s time in ranked, fairly unpleasant, and it’s extremely disappointing, at least for me personally, that this happens because I’m quite fond of this game.


Yeah in ranked is where you’ll find the saltiest of the salty because they’re all trying to be as competitive as possible which is good but there are too many hurt egos when someone loses. This is why I prefer exhibition, you play just for fun and nothing else.

As much as I want to use a quote from Eventhubs ‘If you’re playing to win online, you’re doing it wrong’, the truth is that for most player, winning online is the furthest success they will ever get in a given game. Even the FGC current premiere game, SFV, “only” 5000 participants when to Evo this year. While that is the highest entry for a Evo game roster, it only represents a small portion of the 150k players who purchased the game.

The point I’m making is that the only success most player will have is simply beating the person they are matched with online. If they win, they are “successful”. Any types or hinderance or adversity will upset many of these players. Rather than continue playing and continue losing (hence being “unsucessful”) to learn and improve, they rather justify the loss by saying you suck and resorted to n00b or skrub tactics to win. They will ether play until they finally win, Teebag (hence showing there, ah-hum, “domanance” over you) and quick leave preventing you from resecuring it, or quit and send you insulting/trolling messages, or BOTH!!!

Or maybe, the guy is just salty :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think i fought you with my gargos =p

Probably lol. I’ve fought a couple gargos players, but the one that sticks in my mind was the one I beat first game, but the adaptation came and I got bopped the other 2 games.

The best feeling is when someone takes your first health bar starts teabaging a lot up and down super fast then I come back win the fight go over there body and do the slowest tea bag ever lol.

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I have done the 20 wins with the whole cast. I can tell you that you will get more hate from playing certain characters. Now if it is not your main character, and all you want is the achievement, then I say be as cheap as you want. Get the wins as fast as you can, and move to the next character.

Just get ready for some hateful remarks when you spam the rash wreaking ball combo. :slight_smile:


I don’t think the salt is limited to higher up the rank scale, I’m Silver, been playing pretty chilled in Exhibition all night (aside from one or 2 lag weirdnesses) and got in a huge set with this guy. He keeps dropping his combos early, missing counter breakers and throwing over and over again, literally all he did with Orchid was Ichi Ni San, throw. He was a level 50 so I figured maybe he was just out of practice or something, I just hit 49 and can do either really well or really badly depending on which way the wind is blowing.

I shoot him a “GG” in any case since our score was evening up as time wore on (I think we finished on 7-9 to me) at first no response, then shortly after the last game I get “U don’t know how to play orhid you just use combo assist” I replied that I didn’t and asked if he really seriously thought I got her to level 50 with CA, he responds “learn to play ur characters instead of pressing 1 button” then says “bye.”

I really didn’t want to rant I’m just a little bit dumbfounded, I’ve never witnessed such salt from a casual match in my history of playing fighting games online, just…wat. Using combo assist all the way to level 50 would be nothing but pure pain and misery…I…wat.

Personally, If he really did lose to a player using CA, its still his fault he lost. CA or not, this game is auto-combo mode, compared to other FGs.

Auto combo? What’s auto about it?

A common critique that I hear from other member of the FGC where I live is KI’s combo’s are too “simplistic” or “Braindead”. It is true to an extent when you compare it too other example of FGs like KOF or USFIV, where precision and execution is more demanding to play even at a competent level. Even with Manuels, it is not that hard to do “combos” like the mentioned games, which is why I said this game is “auto-combo” mode. With that said, easier entree to combo is off-set by the dynamics brought into this game with the inclusions of the breaking system.