Lost ONE game at promotion lose 200 points?

Is that right? Back to 800… I dont see how this is fair, for real, going back 20-50 depending on the rank of your oponent is ok, but 200???

What division were you in?

Yeah, I was in bronze and every time I lost Promo match i lost 200 points. Its sad.

Silver to Gold, I am still grinding back to 1000 now, it is stupid.

In truth, I think that there is something really wrong with that. You can’t get promoted even if you have the points unless you fight somebody equal to your rank or higher. If you lose the promotion fight, it should knock you back 20 to 30 points like any regular fight should, but to dock you 200 points seem really harsh.

I understand IG making it harder for people to get into Killer. There were tons of people in Killer that got there by blind luck versus actual skill, but I think losing a TON of points is just a bit punishing.

Not everybody cares about the rank, but I will work on getting to killer just as my meta, but if they dont change it and I eventualy get stuck going back to 800 on gold I will just stop playing overall, there is very few of my friends that still play, the matchmaking keeps puting me against the same guys, and there is always something that crashes on the pc version, to make me more frustrated than happy with all that it is really easy.

Damn I really hope I win my killer promotion match then I am only getting like 30 points for beating another gold rank if they take 200 I will be throughly heated.

Lol I remember this I was like ■■■■ sake 200 points, thankfully it’s only like 4 +1 match to get back up wasn’t too hard I just tried harder on my second promo match b3cause my 1st one I was messing around with something on my desk and didn’t have my fingers handy to counter high Combos

I haven’t even made it to my first promotional match (still in Bronze), but I’m happy about hearing that the climb is punishing, and hard. In S2 I, and may others, waltzed into Killer rank…I’m glad that they have upped the standard for getting into killer.

happened to me as well.
It’s rough but probably intended.
You have to manage your emotions and prove that you really can be in higher rank.

There’s actually discussion of this in two other threads at the moment. I agree that it doesn’t make any sense. I’m not entirely sure what the intention is, other than to kind of “BOSS FIGHT” the final promotional match, but it gives that single fight undeserved weight in terms of your position. If they don’t think you are good enough to get to the next level just by making it to the top of your tier, then I think they should adjust the overall win/loss reward/penalty. Not just assign a random high number to the promotion match penalty. People already salty about losing the match get greeted by this other fun surprise - and it doesn’t make them happy.

It is already grindy, they could make it stuck at 0 until you win X times in a row.

I don’t personally find this an issue at all. Assuming you’re actually good enough to win, to get back up to it and try again is only like 6 wins away at most. :wink:

Then you get matched against Rico, PaulB etc for 6 fights in a row and down to 700 lol

Now bein realistic, I don’t know why but it takes a lot of time to get these 200 points back, I went like 7-3 just to get back to 0 yesterday.

a long time? its like 50 points a win, it took me about 10 minutes at most to go from not promoting, to getting to silver.

WHAT? I got like 10-30 points MAX per fight, took me 10 fights to go back.

I get 20 points loss per loss…

You can get as low as 5 points for a win i think

This is BS. How is it fair you lose 200? I worked so hard and was about tor reach Killer but I fought a top 32 guy. I lost 200 points. What is this? BS is what it is.

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Too many bad players in s2 killer tbh. I hope it only gets more difficult to maintain. Being killer meant nothing