Lost ONE game at promotion lose 200 points?

That’s fine but it’s irrelevant to the discussion. Having an essentially random gate at the top of the tier isn’t going to do anything to increase the DIFFICULTY of getting into Killer. It just increases the TIME for people who are inevitably going to make it.

Had this happen to me in a long session. Grinded from the bottom of bronze up to my gold promotion match but I lost it barely. Thought, ok it’s fine, 2 more matches to get into gold and I’ll end my session, then I saw I dropped 200 points. Turned off my xb1 LOL.

I can’t wait to get back into killer so I don’t have to waste time seeing my points go up and not allow me to search for a match. Yeah It’s only a couple extra seconds but I like to just press A as soon as I can and jump on my computer until I get a match.

Hi everyone, thank you for mentally preparing me for my Silver promotion match. I wuv you guys.
Probably, I would have taken things too lightly and then be surprised and pissed after losing 200 points for slacking under the impression that you only lose 20-30 points. Now I made it on the first try.

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True that, knowing you will lose 200 helps, or not, still sux lol

Yeah, I’ve just found out the hard way, just about to get Killer, lose my promotion match OH YEAH LETS TAKE 200 ■■■■■■ POINTS

Normally with KI I just go about my business but this made me so mad, I actually nearly threw my controller at the wall

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Its still nuts. They are rolling it back to 150. I still don’t understand the logic behind why this particular fight is scored completely differently than every other fight you have in the game. Either the other fights are all not worth enough, or else this one is worth too much.

Because the other fights don’t move you up a whole tier?

This fight doesn’t move you up a whole tier either. That nonsense thinking. It’s like saying the straw that broke the camels back is solely responsible for the problem.

You move up a tier for rising through the previous tier. It’s not a situation where winning this one match does something special for you.

And again, your promotion match is going to be exactly as challenging as fighting all the other people you have fought throughout the tier.

I think it has more to do with the fact that if you lose, they’re giving you a bit of a buffer to “improve your game” instead of going right into another promotional match. It’s another way to ensure that players who may not be ready don’t go into the upper tiers unnecessarily where they might be summarily slaughtered, not have fun, and potentially quit and/or complain.

I understand that, but the intuitive idea that you shouldn’t just get promotional matches one after the other is wrong. Failure to win the promotional match is no more or less indicative of your skill than every other match you’ve played. If you are losing your promotional match and the assertion is that you lost because you aren’t ready yet, then the reality is that the ranking system has failed. It has promoted you to the top tier of your rank without you being ready. Having a single random match “gate” the promotion does nothing to fix this.

From a theoretical standpoint, the 20+ matches you played rising through the tier (20 is the absolute minimum at Silver, Gold is much higher) should be much better indicators of your skill than a single, random match at the end.

So if you are at the top of the level, unless you’ve been absurdly luck (astronomically, impossibly lucky), you are guaranteed to get back to a promotional match again. So the penalty is not doing anything to appropriately sort or gate or preclude people from advancing. It’s just a punitive measure to grief people.

You know that even when you finaly level up it does not mean you improved at all? Perhaps that last guy I got before killer just had a bad matchup agaisnt me, disconnected or was just not good against my playstyle? Thing is, it will very probably be lucky for some, including me.

Yeah I just played my first Killer promotion fight, lost 1-2 and then got knocked back to the very beginning of Ultra. I have to grind out 200 points just to choke on another promo fight, again?