Lost odyssey is free

To celebrate backwards compatibility on x1, MS are giving a free download of lost odyssey.

The game is an awesome jrpg. You should all check it out especially since its free

Lost Odyssey 2?

No the original

Next to Killer Instinct, Lost Odyssey is my all time favorite Xbox exclusive. A fantastic, triple A vibe that feels more like Final Fantasy than any Final Fantasy game released since FFX. Great art style, great 1,000 years of dreams stories, fun gameplay and a cool world to explore.

I get that people want to look forward and they see how popular games like The Witcher or Dragon Age are and those are phenomenal games in their own right, but as someone that’s always enjoyed a good turn-based RPG, it honestly makes me wonder why we can’t have both.

I mean, for as forward thinking as this industry and subsequently fans tend to be, there’s really not a ton of “this was great, but then it grew in to that and that replaced this completely.” 3D fighting games came along and looked like an evolution many ways, but 2D fighters haven’t gone away. Same goes for polygons versus sprites, and so on.

Sure, some genres wane in popularity. But any genre that blows up the way fighters did in the early 90’s and JRPGs did in the mid / late 90’s are going to regress to the mean once the market becomes saturated. That doesn’t mean the market is permanently dead or that fans won’t come back for a good game, especially after some time has passed. Yeah, fans want a cool, unique Super Mario Galaxy experience from their Mario games, but they also love the more traditional New Super Mario Bros. As Nintendo showed us, you can have your cake and eat it too.

I look at most articles related to Final Fantasy games and a lot of the comments tend to be those wishing the series would go back to its roots and stop trying to ride the WRPG coat tails. Don’t get me wrong, FF XV looks like a good game and I think that a lot of FF fans have enjoyed it. But again, why can’t we have both this and a Lost Odyssey type of game?

I know that Xbox tends to skew toward certain franchises, but as one of the two biggest consoles out there with millions of owners, I think it’s safe to say that we’re not all just in it for Halo and Gears. I also like action games ranging from MechAssault to Sunset Overdrive, platformers, western RPGs, JRPGs, and of course, fighting games (both 2D and 3D), among other types of games.

So why not add another franchise staple to the library and see if MS can’t get Mistwalker working on an exclusive sequel and really try and turn it in to a franchise that’s not just old nostalgia for 30 somethings, but an evolution on the foundation of an already great, turn-based JRPG in Lost Odyssey that many genre fans, and I still think that there are many out there, might want to play?

Sorry, didn’t mean to rant. As an XB1 owner, I just miss this genre. I’ve seen a few smaller indy titles come and go and a few of them were okay, but I’d love to see a new Lost Odyssey game with triple A production and what not. I’d take that over Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Yeah lost odyssey and blue dragon are 2 of my favourite ever gamesince along side ki. I’d love for jrpgs to really come back in a big way. Even a sequel to one of the above.

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Yeah I miss them a lot. I know that they come out in drips and drops on 3DS, PS4 and an indy title here and there on XB1, but I really miss the triple A level, turn-based JRPGs. Lost Odyssey 2 would be a day one buy for me, no question. Sucks that it’ll probably never happen. :frowning:

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