Lost in reality, Won in replay?

Pretty sure i lost the match, even got a bragging message from my opponent…later on i watch the replay to learn a couple things and suddenly…i’m the winner.
I was like wtf am i dumb or what…the match played out in a completely different way towards the end.
Is this a common issue?

The game desynced. That is all.

@halovr If you have a replay of this match still available, it would probably be helpful to save a clip and send it along to @TheKeits or @TempusChaoti.

We were just talking about this bug on the forums the other day, and they could use verified “reversed” clips to potentially track it down.

I had that happen in the shadow lab…it listed as a win and shadow points…I watched the replay and I lost the match…2 of them! It was dissapointing because I was excited my shadow had beating this real person 2x! …nope!

I have quite an interesting match, It’s not a reversed clip, but one where the match does play out differently:
Cinder desync example, first match=replay, second=live match
@Jeffron27 fought this match with me and it was very much an intense one. However, when I went back to watch the replay, I discovered a few interesting changes, also demonstrating that even if you try to initiate a counter, you you’ll be lucky to get it, in addition to Cinder’s being able to fly over everything still being relatively overpowered imho but that’s an argument for another topic.

Hope this clip is useful
@TheKeits @TempusChaoti

Yup this happened to me some time ago. I also got a message from my opponent. "Damn, you suck!"
And I was like "WTF? I beat you"
Apparently on his side I didn’t.

I think considering the experience I would just reccomMand they do something in relation to sound as far as characters go.

How do you mean? Probably a different thread needs to be opened for this, but just wanted to clarify.

Has anyone managed to record matches using Xbox DVR on PC? For me the video records a stuck frame and garbage mouse graphics.

I would like to record videos to better report desync bugs. I can only record the replay with Shadow Play and even then only if I turn off full screen and turn on desktop recording.

Here’s one for you. I won the match despite what this shows, but as you can see here nobody won…the fight just ended. Plus you’ll notice he tried for Demonic Despair during the fight and didn’t work…it hit me in the actual match. The match itself was very laggy, so I would assume that’s what caused it, but I thought I’d bring this to the discussion as an example.