Sightless aids- constant sound for player distance and positioning

Continuing the discussion from Lost in reality, Won in replay?:

I’m not exactly what @JEFFRON27 meant when he mentioned ‘sound as far as characters go’ when @SightlessKombat mentioned the frustrations of losing track of a super mobile Cinder, but it got me thinking, since KI has shown interest in adding extra sounds to help for those that have challenges seeing,

an (optional) always-on sound that changes pitch based on where characters physically are. The pitch would change on the fly when a character ducks or jumps and would definitely change as the characters get closer or farther or switch sides. This is all information people with sight take for granted that is fundamentally important to the game.

As much as I understand the suggestion, it’s not distance that’s really a problem. it’s the fact that Cinder, to use your example, can just simply avoid all projectiles and shadow moves etc with one small special move that he has to sacrifice nothing (near enough) to use. Sadira, Aria, Mira and (though we require proper confirmation at the time of this original post) Gargos all have moves that can negate the ground game as well with near complete impunity against a player who can’t see. Anti-airing, as a Fulgore player, has become next to impossible against jumpy players thanks to the lack of a heavy laser that goes upwards and outwards. DP’s will only hit on luck/exact timing, and even then the player normally quickrises and strikes before you can do anything about it.

This turn of events probably wouldn’t be fixed by this concept, unfortunately, though I appreciate the idea behind it - the accessibility afforded to sighted players is an interesting point of discussion. I’d be happy to play some sets with you as well and discuss it with examples if you wish.

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