Lost Astral Gems, KI Gold, Items after Eagle Patch

Had around 44K Gold (Never spent from that ultra bonus)

Also had around 130k astral gems.

Also all of my Consumables, and ingredients.

Not playing till fixed don’t want more data f-ups. When I hit “Shadow lords” it gives a “syncing data” pop-up. Synching their corrupted data i guess? Fix it boys

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Same Thing happened to me hope theirs a fix

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It just a common SL server issue on the days patches are released. Gets fixed in day or 2. Also, stop being a rude prick and present ur problems nicely

OMG 114k astral gems lost! Also 8k KI gold!!!


Same issue here, this problem wasn’t there earlier today. But I just got back on and it seems the problem’s reached its way to me too.

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Working on it! All your data is intact.