Lost all of my KI gold, shadow points and shadow lords content after patch 3.8

Same here, all my SL stuff is gone too, guardians, emporium items, KI gold (375), Astral energy and so on.
I hope this bug is fixed soon.

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Yeah, here too…all my SL goods have gone missing as well. Typically in the past they’ve said the bug just keeps you from connecting to the SL servers where all your digital purchases are stored, and once they fix it you can access all your SL goods again.

That is always the first thing I do. Anytime the X1 has an issue, or there is an update, I will do a hard reset. As of now I have done 5 resets and nothing changes.

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Can confirm. I was locked out of shadow labs and lords for quite some time until someone found the issue with the cloud saves, after contacting the devs here on the forums.

Theres more important bugs to worry about, now, like more competitive bugs and eagle crashing the game engine.

If they keep the pace we wont see any patches for another 2-3 months.

Lots of people have dropped the game already. I actually made a thread discussing why the devs keep causing massive bugs every single patch.

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MY F****** God! I lost all of my KI Gold, shadow points & astral gems! Please, fix it!

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Fix is in progress - nothing is lost!