Lore: is fulgore eagle? Or something else?

Since S1 it has been heavily implied that Fulgore is Thunder’s brother Eagle, who is now trapped within the confines of a new Fulgore unit, MARK 03. However in one of the most recent chapters this has been put into question seeing as how Eagle himself is still alive and in captivity by Ultratech and was freed by Glacius. However in the most recent chapter as well one of the Fulgore’s in the assault on the newly formed night guard did look at Orchid curiously before leaving with the rest, harkening back to him sparing Orchid in the past. So what does this mean? Is Fulgore Eagle in another form now? What if the two were to cross paths? Let’s discuss!

As far as I’m concerned Fulgore was Eagle up until the release of the “novella”.

At that point they seem to have completely backtracked that plot point for whatever reason.

Maybe, it could be a redeeming point if they make the playable fulgore unique again, with the novella chapter it kinda upset me that after all our playable fulgore is no longer the Fulgore, but just a fulgore, I feel like it devalued the character a little.

Meanwhile Riptor is still a unique individual amongst her kin.

Well technically speaking it is eagle since his conscious (or part of it) is in the fulgore unit.

The novella upset me because I was expecting there to be a tragic dynamic to this character who has to come to terms with what he’s become and be something more. His relationship with Thunder had some strong potential as well to be a bittersweet one considering Eagle’s (Fulgore’s) condition.

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Thanks to the novella fulgore is now a cloned copy of eagles personality. I much more preferred it when it was a robocop style cyborg, but now he’s just an android with a copied brain as it’s ai. I guess it opens the door for a playable eagle but i’d rather it were how it had always been.

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From what I gather, he is still one of a kind among the other units. All the other units are MARK IIs while he is the sole MARK III. At least I think so

I was sad that ARIA was just another basic, rampantly overprotective artificial superintelligence, but some people really don’t seem to have thought about any of the philosophy of AI, mind copying/simulation/uploading, etc, so a plot that does something genuinely interesting with these themes probably would’ve gone over everyone’s heads.

Well until Eagle is unplugged causing him to be just another drone.

He was unplugged remember?

It’s a fighting game story first off. There’s lots of potential, just not right now, that potential is somewhat on hold. That’s where fanfcition can come in as well. That and there’s no such thing a ssuper intelligence AI…at least not for the next few hundred years.

Yeah, I do and that’s why I said unplugging Eagle will make Fulgore just another “inferior” Fulgore unit.

Guess you missed the CCIX version.

I really hope this isn’t the case, then they would have lost another opportunity to have an interesting relationship with a Fulgore unit who believes itself to be Eagle and Eagle himself crossing paths. Would be pretty awkward :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I much prefer Eagle being Fulgore, that way when Thunder eventually gets through to him he’s kinda got this anti-hero cyborg thing going on. Struggling to come to terms with his form and how he feels about his brother versus the Ultratech programming. Hell it’d even be cool to see Fulgore turn into a good guy of sorts in future games.

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One of the contrasts I loved was between ARIA and Fulgore. ARIA represented visually how Ultratech wanted to appear to the public, a progressive company with an emphasis on advancing technology and defense. However on the inside ARIA is a cold machine with a clear directive and motive that isn’t in mankind’s true best interest, whether she believes it to be so or not. Fulgore on the other hand visually represented the face that Ultratech didn’t want the public to see, a militaristic and oppressive empire to say the least that uses force to obtain what it wants. However despite his appearance, he had something that ARIA lacks, humanity. And it is this very humanity that made him reject his directives and spare lives despite his programming. This discovery about him merely being android really killed this idea I had going though and it feels like a missed opportunity as a result.

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Unplugging him wouldn’t do anything to the fulgore with the eagle cloned brain. If that were the case then riptor wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of recovering fulgores head after tusk lopped it off in the novella. Also there was that whole thing about his brain core on the one little character story. I think it’s an intact and separate entity cloned from eagles brain instead of it just getting a transmission from an eagle in a tank.

I wasn’t implying that there was a cloned brain, I was implying that they had Eagle hooked up to a machine and were using his brainwaves or whatever to “control” Fulgore via some sort of remote connection.

To be completely honest I didn’t bother to read the entire novella, it started becoming a confusing contradiction to the existing plot so I lost interest. Guess I should go back and finish it.

EDIT: Well I went back and re-read the portions up until Eagle is rescued by Glacius.

Some points it sounds like he’s alive in the tube and ARIA only copied his consciousness, then others it says she transferred it to Fulgore leaving Eagle an empty husk or something.

@TempusChaoti Posted in another topic something that has me thinking…

I think what’s going on here is similar to the game Soma.
In that game, in order to prolong the human condition following an apocalypse, a team of scientists create a machine that creates an exact copy of a person’s consciousness in a computer. For all intents and purposes, that person (rightfully) believed they were themselves. In fact, it was rare that you could successfully convince someone that they were no longer in a human body, but rather in an android.

I suspect this is the relationship between Fulgore and Eagle.

See, in the story of Season 2, the Fulgore model that TJ combats in the Ultratech headquarters is referred to as the Fulgore Mk.2. In the Season 1 story, however, the playable Fulgore unit is known as the Prototype Fulgore Mk.3. In one of his endings, this particular Prototype unit is shown sparing Orchid’s life, in direct opposition to not only his orders, but every piece of programming within him. Fulgore begins to contemplate what this means, and begins going through an existential crisis. He begins to war with himself, his human memories and his Ultratech protocols vying for supremacy.
It seems implied in one of these endings that this Fulgore unit has gone rogue, and while it remains a ruthless killing machine, he refuses to take Ultratech orders…

This would explain how both Eagle as Fulgore and Eagle as a physical entity could coexist, similar to Shadow Jago. The Mk.3 holds one copy of Eagle’s consciousness, the other lies with the original Eagle… Who or whatever that may be now…


Yeah I’m starting to understand where they’re going with it but I still don’t really like it.

If Fulgore is just a copy of Eagle, he’s not really anyone. He’s just another robot. Any depth the character might have had is gone in my opinion. It was much cooler thinking of him with a heart & brain pumping away in a jar locked inside of a cyborg shell. The emotional strife Thunder would have to go through accepting that his brother is alive but trapped inside a killing machine, Eagle having to come to terms with his new form.

If Eagle is just fine and Fulgore is only a copy its like “Whoops, here’s a mulligan, Eagle is fine, there are no consequences” everyone is fine and lives happily ever after.