Looking forward to the next original character

With Tusk on the horizon for a trailer and potential tease… what are you guys looking forward too most of all from the next original character?


I’m looking forward for a good old Vampire, to be honest :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward…



Mira! Preferably as a vampire!

(Would that I had a SwiftRage emote)

We’ve had some reat discussions about a potentially male Vampire character over at the Suggestion section of the forum. Would love to see one as such who wield some kind of blood magic or a whip of sorts, maybe both! A Blood Whip! Yeah… that sounds neat. XD

Though I don’t really play the S2 characters, I do love IG’s creativity and character designs, so I am indeed looking forward to what they have in store for us in Seaosn 3! :1234:

The reason I don’t play them is because none of them really hit with me as for my playstyle. I do love how they made Maya look, and Kan-Ra, Hisako and ARIA are incredibly awesome additions! I just suck at their playstyles, sadly.

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Or a blood sword like in bloodborne. It’s like a sword but you can extend the range of your attack with blades of blood

But there are already so many swords in KI! D:

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A Werecat, but only in the perfect world.

In the past, I’ve felt like this was an obsolete idea, simply because I find that it would play too much like Sabrewulf.

However, I am actually curious to know how people would make a Werecat different from what Sabrewulf already plays like. What would be different? Because if it will use claws and bites as well, then I see no point in it…

I’m thinking we are going to get a minion of Gargos as well as Mira, I think we’ll get another human archetype but I’m unsure we’ll have 4 originals before we get Gargos. We may get a smaller roster this time around.

I hope its a water elemental, but yeah I think a vampire is coming. Question is, what route are they going with the vampire?
Dracula kind or vicious monster looking vampire?

What makes you say that Whitetiger? theys aid there will be more 8 themes but not 8 stages.
If anything we may have Gargos come last since he is the main bad guy for S3

Wait, where was this said?
If thats true, that is great!

That what I thought too, until I figured that Werecats are based on African mythology so instead of being a copypasta of wulf, they could go with magical trope or something that steers clear from being a full on rushdown.

The name of the magic that is used in African folklore is called ‘Juju’ (or voodoo?) which supposed to do ridiculous stuff from hexes or manipulation. There’s a potential idea of he they could play, Im sure theres several others.


again, only in the perfect world :frowning:


Did not know this, do you have source?

There was a concept art for a magical witch werecat. Disembodied ghost cat claws, Shang tsung General Magic attacks, exploding traps hexes. It looked kinda cool and an interest contrasts to sabrewolf rushdown fighting style

These are cool, but as I see it, I see no reason for them to be Werecats. Sabrewulf being a Werewulf is his schtick, so to speak. It’s his thing. That’s what makes him Sabrewulf.

If a Werecat like that came in and had voodoo powers or such, then them being a Werecat is not the schtick! The voodoo powers are. They are just being a Werecat because… reasons. The Werecat part is not really significant.

Vampire for next tease. PLZ not another guest save it for later; we need at LEAST 1 fresh new character tease before S3 launch.


Are people expecting more guest characters.
I mean… this isn’t Mortal Kombat, after all… right?

I hope not. Let’s hope they make a decent amount of new fighters/monsters.

What, three?