Looking for KI Team

Looking for a few people to play with who are willing to help each other out and give pointers compete together and much more!

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You’ve found a guy :ok_hand:

I’m down

I’m always up for playing. As long as you don’t get too demanding about my schedule (I have a full-time job and a family of six).

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I’m almost always available.

I’m always down to play with people to get better. Ranked/Exhibition are rarely places where people care to help or give advice, so I’m definitely in.

I’m down, but only gold level skilled.

I really am interested.

I’m just a hair worse than the people who have already replied.

I haven’t played in a while, but I know if I came back I could be great. I spent all night in ranked whooping on people with pro- stars last night. That makes me want to try and get my own. A team to help would be really nice.

Thanks guys! I’ll add all you guys and we can all play some time and talk some ki character strats and stuff


I’m fairly certain I’ve already got you pegged on my list. :wink:

Ztrain is amazing

ZTRAIN is average at best* Is what you meant to say

Don’t underbelly yourself - you’re as good as, if not better than, me.

*undersell; stupid auto-correct… Kept for LULZ. :yum:

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Lol thx I’ll make sure to never underbelly myself again. And I’ll also make sure to use underbelly more often in a sentence from now on👌

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Sorry I didn’t get ahold of you guys today! Its family day up in Canada lol so I spent time with my gf and stuff I’ll add you guys tomorrow we can all get together and start learning :slight_smile:

Oh and skill level doesn’t matter were all at different levels just looking to improve :slight_smile: I hope everyone has a great night! Looking forward to some gaming.

I won’t be around for a couple of days, but this could be fun! What are we doing? Taking over the world? :grinning:


You read my mind😈


Is there a club for us ki forum users on xbox one? It would be very easy to check who s up to play. If there s not i’m up to create one

For the entire forum? I don’t believe so