Looking for KI Team


Nothing personal, but I would rather have somebody who is more prominent in the forums make the club. Also, there is already an official Killer Instinct club - just use that; I do (official site/official club - it makes sense).

^^^ I was just about to predict this post, but he beat me out. Lol

Not gonna lie, when I look at the people who replied we aren’t some of the most popular kids on the KI Forums playground. So who do you suggest?

I already told you my suggestion - let’s just make the official club our own.

You want to hijack the official club?I’m usually up for a good hijacking but the official club is off limits imo.:joy: Lets just make our own it’ll make it much easier.I think @ORambleO should make it since the team is his idea.Lets make a really ridiculous name like Super Secret Alliance of Killers or something.

I’m already in 5 clubs I barely use. I’d rather not add another. They already take up too much space on my friends list as is.

@GalacticGeek What about your APC club?

I’ve been trying to get people to become more active in it, so I’m all-in for that idea.

Thanks @ZTRAINOVER9000 I will look into creating a club tonight and let you guys know I’ll also be adding you guys tonight and Geek if you don’t want another club then you don’t have to join it but for those who want it including myself its a useful tool to connect with others :slight_smile: super secret society of killers sounds good to me lol if anyone has any other ideas send them my way and for me the name doesn’t matter just to have people to play with will be awesome!! :slight_smile:

The problem is that this idea had been done before, and with so many people doing it, it’s rather splintered and hardly official…

…and if you need people to play with, you don’t need a club - just use the LFG feature.

I say let anyone Join who wants to

That’s the case with many clubs though, and hardly makes it secret. Make it private and invite only if you want secret, but then it won’t be official in any capacity. You can’t have both secret and official - it doesn’t work that way.

…Who cares if it’s secret?

But… I guess if it really matters… (it doesn’t)

There are around 30 million Xbox live subscribers. The less than 100 people that could potentially join this club will be a secret to the uninterested 29 million and some change

I’d be surprised if you got more than 30 to be honest. Mine already has over 190+. Start there and give yourself an active head start, then transfer to a new club later. Quid pro quo. :wink:

The lower the number, the more my point is proved

Numbers don’t matter - active users, however do. I have numbers, you guys have interest - let’s combine the 2. That way your interest will have access to a large audience.

I’m talking about secrets, and how to measure them. Not sure what tangent I’ve led you on

Yeah, you were a bit confusing. I’m trying to recruit and keep things active while you seem to be talking about exclusivity (which is pointless IMO without a sizable number of active users).

Oh is that what this is about? Let a more “prominent” member make the club, because you want the prominent member to be you and the club you Already have…? Or…?